Trevor Noah Wants Donald Trump On 'The Daily Show'

It likely won't happen, but Trevor Noah certainly wouldn't mind having Donald Trump on his show. As a matter of fact, according to Time, Trevor Noah has a question ready if Trump ever does show up.

"That's hard because he would have to agree to come on the show, which I know he wouldn't. I would ask: 'If he couldn't vote for himself or he wasn't running, who would he pick as the candidate to go forward?'" Noah indicates.

When it was suggested that Trump may not be able to think of a world in which he wasn't running, Noah said that Trump is a lot more nuanced than people think he is. Still, that didn't stop Trevor Noah from doing a Donald Trump parody on The Daily Show. Entertainment Weekly has the news.

"It's doubtful anyone connected Beyoncé's epic new visual album with the Republican presidential hopeful over the last few days, but that didn't stop Trevor Noah from combining Trump with Lemonade on Monday's episode of The Daily Show."

[caption id="attachment_2926588" align="aligncenter" width="590"]Donald Trump Media Trevor Noah has made several jokes about Donald Trump recently.[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images][/caption]

In discussing how some Republican leaders have made Trump feel unwelcome during the presidential campaign, Noah jokingly said that Trump is the kind of once-in-a-generation talent that can transform his pain into an artistic statement.
Trevor Noah has been trying his best to increase his ratings. According to Showbuzz Daily, Trevor Noah's ratings have been suffering. On Tuesday night, Noah only had 726,000 viewers, while he had 785,000 viewers on Monday night. Noah's ratings should be higher, especially during election season.

Trevor Noah has been a target for criticism not only from right-wing sources but left-wing as well. For example, in late February, Salon wrote an article that claimed Samantha Bee should be the one to host The Daily Show.

"I couldn't help imagining that somewhere high up in Comedy Central headquarters there's an executive sobbing with the same intensity as old Poppy Bush. Because over the past month it's become painfully obvious that 'The Daily Show' squandered its shot at a political comedy dynasty by betting on the wrong host," said columnist Steve Almond.

[caption id="attachment_2784366" align="aligncenter" width="590"]Trevor Noah 'The Daily Show' Even liberals are criticizing Trevor Noah.[Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images][/caption]Almond added that despite Samantha Bee doing bits for the show for 12 years, they never even asked her to host. Trevor Noah appeared on the show only three times before being asked. Almond claimed that Trevor had, thus far, been well-intentioned, but has made The Daily Show worse than unfunny. Some of the commenters after the article disagreed with the author.

"Are you kidding me? Trevor Noah is very likeable and funny. Which is true with Jon Stewart. He has a way about him that is honest and sincere which is important when discussing the topics they cover,'' claimed Rdubbia.

"I love Trevor Noah. I have watched more of The Daily Show in the last few months than I did in the last five years... I've never really paid much attention to Bee, and I'll be sure to check her out, but one can promote her new show, which is what this article seems to really be about, without denigrating Trevor Noah," said Meg Pierce.

If Trevor Noah's ratings keep declining, you can bet that his days of hosting The Daily Show will be numbered. Do you think Trevor Noah deserves all of the criticism he has been getting? Let us know in the comments section.

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