300 Pound Kid Banned From Texas Pee Wee Football League

A seventh-grade boy was banned from playing in a Texas Pee Wee league this week because he weighed more than 300 pounds.

Elijah Earnhardt, 12, was told that he could not place in the Mesquite Pee Wee Football Associations league because his weight could cause harm to other children.

According to KDFW Fox 4, the boy was informed that his only option would be to try out for his school’s team.

Under MPWFA rules, no child over 135 pounds can play in the league.

Earnhardt’s weight is partially to blame on his large stature; while he is only 12-years-old, he is already six feet tall.

The boy and his mother are now pushing for his admission into the Pee Wee league, telling the local news station:

“I don’t want to play in school right now because it’s people that’s had experience and I want to get some experience first and then start playing. I just want to play because my teammates are my friends — I know them. I don’t want to go play for somebody else I don’t know.”

His mom, in the meantime, plans to protest the league and their decision to exclude her son who meets their height requirements.

Elijah has at least one league official on his side; coach Marc Wright was quick to point out that other children over the 135-pound limit are currently playing Pee Wee football in the league.

Do you think the league should life the weight limit ban or should they maintain such rules and regulations as a matter of public safety for their much smaller young players?