Houston Texans Pick Up Jeff Garcia, Corner Market In Aging Quarterbacks

The Houston Texans will be retiring their staff of quarterbacks to an actual retirement home if they keep up their acquisition of aging QB’s. Last week the Texans picked up Jake Delhomme, 36 and on Wednesday they announced the acquisition of former NFL QB Jeff Garcia, 41.

Those two veteran acquisitions pushes rookie QB T.J. Yates into the QB3 position while Kellen Clemens, the former backup to T.J. Yates was dropped from the teams roster to make room for Garcia.

Garcia was seen as a necessary acquisition because of his familiarity with the West Coast system which is implemented by the Houston Texans. Garcia also has experience with quarterbacks coach Greg Knapp who he played under in San Francisco.

While Garcia spent ten years in the NFL (1999 to 2009) his last field time came with the Omaha Nighthawks where he played in the United Football League. Speaking about his time with the Nighthawks he noted:

It’s definitely different,” and “I would have never foreseen this happening, believing that I still had a lot to offer on the NFL level. And to be sitting here in Omaha, playing for the Omaha Nighthawks, is not anything that was even on my radar.”

Apparently playing second fiddle in the NFL is more comfortable for Garcia and at the speed that starting quarterbacks are being taken out this year there’s still a good chance he’ll see some playing time.

After replacing injured starer Matt Leinart T.J. Yates was 12 of 25 in his first outing with 188 yards and one touchdown and a combined 20 of 40 passes for 258 yards and one touchdown with a two-game combined passer rating of 79.0.