Watch Bernie Sanders Victory Rally Tuesday Full Replay: Sanders Hits West Virginia To Keep Campaign Rolling

Bernie Sanders holds a victory rally Tuesday in West Virginia, as results roll in from five East Coast states that hold primary elections the same day. While polls show Sanders trailing in four of those five states, the campaign believes that the independent Senator from Vermont could be poised for a day of huge upsets that would pump new life into his campaign.

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West Virginia is not one of those five states going to the polls on the fourth "Super Tuesday" of the 2016 presidential primary campaign. In fact, the coal-mining state does not vote until May 10, an election that's now two weeks away.

But Sanders is going back to a strategy that he has continued throughout the campaign, getting an early start on upcoming states where he and his campaign believe that he has a good chance to win and pick up delegates as Sanders attempts to cut into the seemingly insurmountable lead of 235 delegates held by his opponent, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

West Virginia, with its 29 delegates, appears primed to to fall into the Sanders category, though polling has been sparse in the state. A poll taken in February showed Bernie Sanders outpacing Hillary Clinton by a whopping 28-point margin, with 57 percent to just 29 for Clinton.

But a poll taken by Thirty-Ninth Street Strategies in March showed a very different result, with Clinton leading by 13 points, 44 to 31 for Sanders.

Bernie Sanders Victory Rally Tuesday Stream Live West Virginia supporters
Bernie Sanders supporters remain die-hard despite the candidate's large delegate deficit [Photo by Jeff Swensen/Getty Images]Sanders, however, is taking no chances, planning to celebrate what he hopes will be his surprising Super Tuesday results in such states as Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware and possibly even Pennsylvania by holding one of his signature "Future To Believe In" rallies in Huntington, West Virginia, on Tuesday evening.

Watch the Bernie Sanders victory rally full replay from the 9,000-seat Big Sandy Superstore Arena in Huntington, West Virginia, in the video below.

For a preview of what the West Virginia rally will look like, check out a full replay of Bernie Sanders holding a rally in historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, earlier in April, in the following video.

Maryland also holds its primary on Tuesday, and Bernie Sanders has made an all-out effort to win the five primary states, spending $4.6 million on television advertising in those states — outspending Hillary Clinton there by nearly a two-to-one margin. The Clinton campaign shelled out $2.4 million on TV ads in the five April 26 primary states.

In fact, Sanders has outspent not only Clinton, but also all three remaining candidates in the Republican presidential primary race in those states, according to a report by NBC News.

The wildest Sanders spending spree has been in Pennsylvania where the Bernie Sanders campaign has dropped $2.5 million in an attempt to overtake Clinton — who spent $1.3 million there — and win as many of the state's 189 delegates, the biggest prize of the day, as he can.

Heading into the Tuesday vote, however, Clinton still clung to a sizable lead of 16.7 percentage points according to the weighted polling average compiled by the election-projection site, which also projected Clinton with a greater than 99 percent chance of winning in Pennsylvania.

Sanders dropped another $1.3 million in Connecticut, a state that was the site of the Sandy Hook schoolhouse massacre and where Clinton has hammered Sanders for his support of a law that prevents families of the Sandy Hook victims from suing the manufacturer of the weapon used in the mass slaying of 20 children of ages six and seven, as well as eight adults.


But Clinton spent only $746,000 in Connecticut, and in the most recent poll there, Sanders had cut her lead in the state to just two points.

After his victory rally in West Virginia, Bernie Sanders wastes no time, heading off to Indiana which holds a primary on May 3, where he will hold a rally Wednesday morning and another in the evening in that state.

[Photo by Jeff Swensen/Getty Images]