Tuesday April 26 Election Live Results: Find Up-To-Date Vote Totals For Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, And Rhode Island

Viewers who want to follow the live results from the Tuesday, April 26, primary elections will have plenty of options to get all the results from Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

After a big showing in last week’s New York primary for frontrunners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the two will again have the chance to move one big step closer to the nomination. For Clinton, Tuesday represents a chance to put Bernie Sanders all but officially out of the race for the Democratic nomination. For Trump, it is a chance to make a resounding statement that he should be the GOP’s nominee despite the efforts to Ted Cruz and John Kasich to have it ripped away from him at a contested convention.

Live updates of the Tuesday, April 26, primaries, including live video, can be found below.