Mountain Dew “Johnson City Gold” Is Malt Flavored Soda

Mountain Dew “Johnson City Gold” is about to hit the stores. In July, Pepsi Co. announced they were releasing the odd beverage which is a malt flavored soda that will have a hint of lemon-lime. The flavor is named after the birthplace of Mountain Dew, Johnson City, Tennessee.

The drink’s “first batch” is being rolled out at Kroger stores across the midwest starting in mid-August. It will also be available at select 7-11 stores after the first of September. The Company is not actually married to the name and packaging yet as they are holding a contest to change both for the soda’s “second batch”

A fan going to can earn the chance to represent one of the following six regions in the US, the regions being: South, Southwest, Northwest, Northeast, Great Plains and Great Lakes. They will then help make a decision on Mountain Dew Johnson City Gold’s next generation when it goes on sale in 2013.

Pepsi Co. put up a release which outlines all the details of the conference here.

Andrea Foote, Pepsi Co.’s spokeswoman, also told Reuters that the move was a step towards entrance to the “craft soda” market. This market looks to establish itself like the liquor industry who very popularly releases craft beers and spirits all the time. She also said that while the American market for malt soda is not really strong it is very popular in Latin America and the Middle East which shows it may get some traction in the US.