Watch Donald Trump Maryland Rally Full Replay: ‘Back To Work’ For Trump After Massive New York Victory

Donald Trump gets “back to work” with a huge rally at a Maryland high school Wednesday as Trump works to build on his revived momentum after a massive victory in the New York Primary on Tuesday. Trump, in his home state, trounced rivals Ohio Governor John Kasich and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, capturing over 60 percent of the Republican vote.

More importantly, Trump walked away with at least 89 of the state’s 95 delegates, giving the real estate mogul a total of 846 as he pushes to reach the required 1,237 total he’ll need to lock down the Republican presidential nomination before the party’s national convention gets underway on July 18 in Cleveland.

Scroll down this page to watch a full replay of the Wednesday Donald Trump rally in Maryland.

If Trump fails to secure 1,237 delegates — a majority of the available Republican delegates — during the primary campaign, he risks facing an “open convention,” meaning that after the delegates cast their first ballots and no candidate has won a majority, even delegates who had been bound by party rules to vote for Trump, that is, delegates won by Trump by getting votes, will no longer remain obligated to vote for him.

An open convention is the only way that Trump can lose the nomination, after his resounding new York victory. Accodring to calculations by ABC News, both Cruz and Kasich are now mathematically eliminated from reaching 1,237.

Trump was hailed for his victory speech on Tuesday, which pundits described as marking an attempt by Trump to appear more dignified and “presidential” than in prior victory speeches. Gone were the once-frequent references to “Lyin’ Ted Cruz,” and instead, Trump pledged to “get back to work” within hours of his New York triumph.

Watch the full, but brief Donald Trump victory speech from New York Tuesday night in the video below.

To watch a full replay of Wednesday’s Donald Trump rally at Stephen Decatur High School in Ocean Park, Maryland, click on the video below.

While Donald Trump went out of his way to appear more restrained than previously in his victory speech, observers noted that Trump was accompanied at the speech by one of his chief New York campaign surrogates, Trump’s fellow real estate mogul Carl Paladino.

Paladino gained the state’s Republican nomination for New York governor in 2010, running as Tea Party candidate who espoused such positions as turning state prisons into special housing for welfare recipients where they would learn “personal hygiene.”

Donald Trump Supporters Rally Maryland Live Stream
Supporters of Donald Trump remain devoted to the frontrunner (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Carl Paladino has campaigned actively for Donald Trump, saying that there was “no question about” the strong similarities between himself and Trump.

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In another controversy of the kind that seem to follow Donald Trump wherever he goes, the Maryland State Education Association — the union that represents most Maryland school teachers — has called on Stephen Decatur High School to cancel the Donald Trump rally scheduled to be held in the school gymnasium.

“Donald Trump and his divisive, fear-mongering rhetoric have no place in the halls of Maryland’s public schools,” union president Betty Weller said ion Wednesday. “Trump’s eagerness to bully minorities would be unacceptable if it came from any of our students.”

But a spokesperson for the school said that the Trump campaign is paying $5,000 to rent the gym and that Trump’s appearance there does not mean that the school endorses his candidacy or his views.

Several protest groups have said that they plan to travel to the high school in Ocean Park to stage anti-Trump demonstrations at the Ocean Park, Maryland, Donald Trump rally on Wednesday.

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