Jimmy Fallon Gets Political With Jokes On Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders

Jimmy Fallon is a master of parody and a genius at thinking up hilarious acts for his Tonight Show, where he takes a dig at politicians, celebrities, popular television shows, and even evolving trends in popular culture.

And Jimmy Fallon is a special kind of talk show host who convinces even the most famous celebrities to move outside their comfort zone and let the audience in on the lighter side of their personalities.

USA Today reported that Jimmy Fallon imitated Donald Trump once again, this time making a mock phone call to Ted Cruz, who was in the studio for an interview as he prepared to campaign for last night’s New York primary.

One question that Jimmy Fallon’s Trump threw at Cruz was how the presidential candidate would recover from his statements at a January debate when he had appeared to disparage “New York values.” Ted Cruz joked in return and declared his love for New York by clarifying that he spoke the statement backward, like Yoda from Star Wars.

Entertainment Weekly reported that, in another episode, Jimmy Fallon mocked Bernie Sanders on his show with a rap song called “What You Do Do,” which was based on a phrase that Sanders used during a discussion at the CNN democratic debate.

Watch the rap song here.

Jimmy Fallon was quick to incorporate this new source of inspiration, and viewers at home were just as quick to popularize the line on Twitter.

The Chicago Tribune reported that, in yet another episode, Jimmy Fallon mercilessly parodied the 800,000 people who tuned in to watch a watermelon explode with rubber bands. Jimmy Fallon joked that this was a phenomenal record during the times when viewer ratings were trending downwards. He wondered whether this craze pointed to a new trend in the history of television and whether viewers will get to see producers like Dick Wolfe coming up with a new show named “Chicago Melon,” an addition to the existing Chicago-set franchise.

Jimmy Fallon further joked by declaring that NBC has taken note of the popularity of the watermelon exploding game, and they have already started working on the television series that focuses on exploding watermelons. He even aired a preview clip from the fake “Chicago Melon” show, featuring a pair of police officers interrogating and torturing a rubber band-encased watermelon, which finally explodes when it couldn’t withstand the pressure coming from the rubber bands.

Watch the video here.

And apart from satire or parody, Jimmy Fallon also highlights serious issues when interviewing the celebrities that appear on his show. Entertainment Weekly reported that Robert De Niro appeared on The Tonight Show, and his discussion with Jimmy Fallon brought to light the emotional and mental torture that the inmates go through when kept in solitary confinement in the prisons of California and New York.

Jimmy Fallon interviewed Robert De Niro, who shared his experience in a virtual world of solitary confinement at the Tribeca Film Festival. The discussion between Jimmy Fallon and the Hollywood legend also shed light on how virtual reality technology is being used in films to recreate scenarios where aging actors can be made to appear younger by 30 years. In fact, Robert De Niro expects that the technology will enable aging actors to extend their careers by 30, 40, or even 50 years!

Jimmy Fallon’s satire and parodies may appear like hard-hitting journalism. However, the expert impressionist and comedian realizes that this is not what America wants in a late-night talk show. He realizes that the people want a talk-show host who will make them laugh as they drift off to sleep with a smile on their face, and it’s that understanding that makes Jimmy Fallon the talk-show host that audiences can relate to.

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]