‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Negan’s Backstory & Former Job To Be Revealed In Season 7?

The Walking Dead Season 7 is already being highly anticipated, even though the season won’t begin airing until October. However, fans have been looking for any bits of information about what lies ahead for Rick and his group after the introduction of Negan, and that shocking Season 6 finale.

According to Uproxx, Walking Dead fans may actually get to see a whole lot more of Negan in Season 7. The villain that fans love to hate will play a big role going forward in the series, as it seems that things are about to change forever.

The Walking Dead is taking a new turn, and so far, fans are intrigued about where it’s going. Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Negan on the show, may have just given viewers a big clue about what to expect from his character moving forward.

Morgan reveals that Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman, is currently working Negan’s backstory, and that viewers may get a glimpse of that on the show, adding that he knows Negan was a used car salesman before the zombie apocalypse.

Walking Dead Spoilers: Who did Negan kill?
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“I talked to Robert Kirkman after we did Talking Dead, and he is doing the backstory of Negan right now. But whether or not — or when — we see that, and I hope we do, I can’t answer that. But hopefully we’ll find out more as we go.”

“I approach [Negan] … like he used to be a used-car salesman. That’s what I know, and there’s not a lot beyond that. … He’s a car salesman who has survived as long as Rick and his gang, so what has he done to get there?”

As Negan’s backstory is currently being written by Robert Kirkman, fans are hoping that the new info on the villain will be shared with fans of the TV series as well. Negan is arguably the most talked about Walking Dead character in a long time, and by far the worst villain the group has ever dealt with. It would be very interesting to see what led Negan to the life he currently lives, and where he got his terrifying weapon — a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, which he’s named Lucille.

Meanwhile, fans of the TV show are likely going to spend the entire summer debating over who Negan killed in the Season 6 finale. While everyone seems to have a theory, the most popular opinions are that either Glenn, Daryl, Abraham, or Michonne was the one to get beaten to death by Negan.

While Glenn was Negan’s victim in The Walking Dead comic book series, the show has proven they like to switch up the deaths of the characters on the series. This means that anyone could be the victim, including Daryl Dixon, who is arguably the most popular character on the show.

The Walking Dead spoilers: Will Glenn or Daryl die? [Image via AMC]Daryl is not in the comic book series, which makes him a total wildcard. Fans have nothing to compare his Walking Dead storyline to, and that is scary for viewers who love the character. In fact, many die-hard Daryl fans have said that if the character dies, they’ll stop watching the show altogether.

Meanwhile, Abraham is another good possibility as Negan’s victim. His comic book death was given to Dr. Denise, and some fans believe that opens him up to being the one who Negan killed in the Season 6 finale. However, Michonne is also a likely candidate for the brutal beating.

Since Robert Kirkman has confirmed the death is of a beloved Walking Dead character, that narrows it down to a select few, and fans can’t wait to see what Negan has in store when Season 7 returns this fall.

What are your thoughts about seeing more of Negan during The Walking Dead Season 7?

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