‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Flashbacks To Keep Negan’s Victim Hidden?

The Walking Dead Season 6 is officially over, and fans can’t stop talking about that dramatic cliffhanger. In the final episode, viewers watched as Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, killed a beloved member of Rick’s group by bashing his or her head in with his weapon of choice, a baseball bat that he calls Lucille.

While Negan’s victim wasn’t revealed in the Walking Dead Season 6 finale, fans now have six long months before they find out if it was Glenn, Daryl, Abraham, Michonne, or someone else in the group. However, with trailers and sneak peeks coming in the months ahead, how will the show keep the death under wraps?

According to Comic Book, the Walking Dead Season 7 trailer and previews would surely reveal which character has died by either not showing the dead character or showing the reactions of people close to that character. However, if the show used flashbacks to keep the identity of Negan’s victim a secret, fans are looking at even more frustration as they try to figure how exactly who was killed in the finale.

The site goes on to explain that fans will also be on the lookout for certain cast members to accept new job offers and be absent from the Walking Dead set in Atlanta. For example, if Norman Reedus was seen out and about in L.A. or New York while all of his co-stars are in Georgia filming, fans would wonder if it’s because Daryl was killed by Negan.

The Walking Dead Season 7 spoilers: Who does Negan kill?
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Also, with the first Season 7 trailer expected out in July, it’s going to be hard to keep this secret. However, executive producer Greg Nicotero is aware of the challenges that lie ahead and says he’s ready to do whatever he needs to do to keep the death a mystery until the premiere.

“The minute you see somebody not on their knees in front of Negan, you may have an inkling, but listen, sometimes the show has flashbacks and sometimes the show jumps the timeline a little bit. I mean, this season, the first episode jumped the timeline a bunch of times. So we could potentially shoot footage that would have taken place before that.”

This is sure to anger some fans, who already believe that The Walking Dead Season 6 ending in a cliffhanger without revealing the identity of Negan’s victim was a bad move by the show and cheated fans out of a very important scene. While the suspense is killing many viewers, others have taken it upon themselves to investigate and try to be the one who reveals the death before Season 7 airs.

Many theories about Negan’s victim have been revealed since the finale, but three characters have been mentioned the most in the death talk. Glenn, Daryl, and Abraham seem to be nearly everyone’s picks for the brutal death.

The Walking Dead Spoilers: Did Negan kill Glenn?
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Glenn, who is the one killed by Negan in the Walking Dead comic book series, is a great choice. Glenn’s death has been foreshadowed by the show since the first season, and the character has had so many close calls that it’s bordering on ridiculous. However, the show likes to mix up the comic book deaths with the ones they portray on the small screen, so anyone is fair game.

Daryl, who does not appear in the comic book series, is arguably the most popular character on the show, and killing him would shock die-hard fans. Meanwhile, Abraham’s comic book death was given to Dr. Denise, and that could point to him being Negan’s victim, especially since he had such an emotional episode leading up to Negan’s big moment.

The Walking Dead has always revealed that no one is safe, and while there will be a lot of speculation, fans won’t officially know who Negan killed until October when Season 7 debuts.

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