Bernie Sanders’ Results: Senator Explains Why Millennials Love Him [Video]

Bernie Sanders’ interview with Seth Meyers sheds a little light on why the youth loves him. Given Sanders’ results, he elaborates that there’s a change coming.

Some young people call Bernie Sanders “Granddad” and “Poppa Bernie.” Maybe it’s the felt connection with Sanders and his initiative? No matter the case, Bernie has the young demographic on his side. However, Bernie also explains that “young,” in his sense, includes people who are age 45 and under.

During his interview with Seth Meyers, Bernie Sanders stated that he didn’t initially set out to gain the vote of the young demographic. But, as Bernie’s bird helped confirm to younger voters, maybe he’s the answer the United States’ citizens need.

Sanders mentions that this generation, the Millennials, notices that there’s a need for “better” in the world. Likewise, they recognize that they have the capacity and ability to make that necessary change. One instance to which young supporters can relate is the topic of student loans. Colleges and universities are advertised as a necessity in current times, in order to acquire a decent job and pursue a worthwhile career.

So, as Bernie Sanders explained, students feel like they’re making the choice to do the right thing by going to school. However, after they’ve spent years in “training,” they’re punished for it for decades via repayments. Sanders elaborated on his plan for “free college.” He stated that it’s not “free.” Instead, Bernie says that the money will just be appropriated accordingly — spent the way the budget states.

While the interview continues, Bernie Sanders mentions that people think he and his campaign committee are a bunch of radicals. However, he says that’s simply a false and skewed perception. Bernie elaborates as follows.

“The truth is that there’s nothing radical about our agenda. You could tell me, (maybe?), why it is that every major country on earth guarantees health care for all people, why can’t we? If every other major country on earth says that, when a mother has a baby, she should be entitled to stay home for a period of time with paid and guarantee family leave. We don’t do that.

“We have more income, wealth, and equality… and we have large multinational corporations that, in a given year, make billions in profits but don’t pay a nickel in taxes. Trying to remedy and deal with those issues really is not radical.

“But I think that what some people have gotten accustomed to is that ‘the rich will get richer’ and ‘the poor will get poorer’. ‘Our infrastructure will continue to deteriorate’. ‘We’ll continue to have the highest rate of childhood poverty of almost every major country. That’s the way it is, and it can’t change’.”

But, Bernie states that things can and will change. Recently, as reports CBS News, Bernie Sanders spoke in Harlem, New York concerning race issues.

Bernie Sanders' Results - Senator Explains Why Millennials Love Him [Video] II
Bernie Sanders speaking in Harlem, New York. [Photo by Eric Thayer/Getty Images News]
Sanders stated that, as a child, he remembered tears streaming down his face after he learned that his father’s family had been murdered during the Holocaust. Bernie’s religion is of the Jewish faith.

For this reason, Bernie Sanders believes that racism is “grotesque and awful.” According to the source, Sanders mentioned that he knew from childhood that he wanted to spend his life fighting this type of discrimination. And, as can be seen in his public appearances, Bernie seems to connect with the people.

In the video, Bernie mentions that his supporter turnouts are “unbelievable.” In this stature of perceived improbability, Bernie Sanders notes that “in all of the exit polls,” his party is winning mostly from people who are under the age of 45 — as aforementioned.

For instance, as recent as the Wyoming caucus, Sanders’ numbers resembled 2008’s numbers, says Washington Times. According to Democratic Party Executive Director Aimee Van Cleave, the numbers looked “really good.”

All in all, what are your thoughts on Bernie Sanders and his influence? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, below.

[Photo by Eric Thayer/Getty Images News]

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