Brit Jack Reynolds, 104, Gets His First Tattoo — ‘My Grandchildren Think I’m Bonkers’ [Video]

British centenarian Jack Reynolds wanted to do something charitable to celebrate his 104th birthday. So he called up a tattoo artist and was inked for the very first time.

“My grandchildren think I’m bonkers. I’ve been bonkers for years,” Jack said after he’d gotten his first tattoo.

This isn’t the first time Reynolds has done something wild like this. A couple years ago, he participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise funds for ALS research, making him the oldest person to do so, The Mirror reported.

And he did it partially nude, wearing only his Union Jack boxers.

Getting his first tattoo at age 104 also means that Reynolds has smashed the previous record holder by 10 years and he’s now a Guinness World Record holder for the oldest person to get his first tattoo, the organization announced.

A few weeks ago, Jack told his daughter, Jayne Goodwin, that he wanted to do another fundraiser to celebrate his birthday. She suggested a tattoo, even though he doesn’t really like them. A few days later, he accepted the challenge.

So far, the special birthday celebration has raised $3,000 for Ashgate Hospice, which cares for terminally ill people in his native North Derbyshire, Metro added.

Jack’s adventure was captured on video. He arrived there Thursday after he and a tattooist from Pete Who’s Tattoos in Chesterfield settled on a custom design: his nickname (“Jacko”) and his date of birth in his own cursive handwriting.

Reynolds was pretty calm as he was ushered into a small room at the shop in his wheelchair to get his first tattoo. He told Good Morning Britain before the procedure that he was “apprehensive” but “looking forward to it.”

As the tattooist set up his instruments, Jack appeared at ease and even flexed his bicep for the camera. When the needle hit his skin, he barely flinched. Instead, a surprised look crossed his face, as if he’d been tickled.

“Oh, quite nice,” he said as the needle traced the tattoo across his skin.”I’d rather be doing this than getting a haircut.”

When it was done, he was asked whether it hurt.

“No, it were nothing. I’m a big strong lad and I’ve have plenty of needles in me in my time, in various places.”

But the tattooing didn’t end with Jack. The daughter who suggested the ink also went under the needle, as did his grandson, Shane Spencer, 35. Both of them got the same design, Jayne on her hip and Spencer on his upper left arm.

The now-tattooed Jack Reynolds had four children with his late wife, Cathleen, who died in 1984. A retired plate layer on the railways, he has eight grandchildren and 21 great-grandchildren. He is from Chesterfield in Derbyshire in the East Midlands region of England.

After his wife’s death, Reynolds became an avid traveler and spent years traveling around the world on his own; he kept going until he was well into his 80s. He has, therefore, earned the reputation of being quite the adventurer and credits his longevity with fresh air and the hard work he put in on the railways.

And a “nip” of whiskey every morning and evening also helped Reynolds reach his 104th birthday.

With her hip now a little sore from her own tattoo, daughter Jayne beamed with pride at her father, calling him her “superhero.”

“He doesn’t even like tattoos but he wanted to do something special that would raise a lot of money. He initially joked about getting it on his bum, but then wasn’t too keen on having to get out his bum to show people.”

[Photo By Todor Rusinov/Shutterstock]

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