Martin Sheen Documentary ‘OJ Is Innocent’ Places Guilt On Son, Jason Simpson

Martin Sheen is putting out a new documentary, OJ Is Innocent, and is on a mission to prove that OJ did not murder Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, but in the process, he is pointing a finger at Simpson’s son from his first marriage, Jason Simpson, who, unlike OJ, could be tried in the future for the murder. Martin Sheen says that in a perfect world, a grand jury would convene, and indict the “real killer,” and all signs point to Jason Simpson.

According to the Inquisitr, Martin Sheen is confident that through his project, OJ is Innocent, he will find Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman’s real killer and vindicate OJ Simpson, who is currently in prison for another crime. The series will air on ID Network, and will allegedly leave no stone unturned in order to get someone to the grand jury.

The Today Show is reporting that Marcia Clark, the lead prosecutor in the OJ Simpson murder trial, finds Martin Sheen’s OJ is Innocent project nonsense and “very offensive.”

What Marcia Clark finds most offensive about the Marin Sheen project is the fact that Sheen is taking blame away from OJ Simpson, and placing it instead on Simpson’s son, Jason Simpson. Clark says that she finds the whole thing hideous, and it has put Jason Simpson in an untenable situation.

“Jason Simpson is the one they’re saying is guilty, and he can’t defend himself. What is he going to do? Say, ‘It’s not me, it’s my dad.’ What a hideous thing for them to do. I can’t even tell you how awful it is. And it’s baseless.”

According to Bustle, Marcia Clark sees no redeeming value in the Martin Sheen series, Hard Evidence: OJ is Innocent, to be aired on ID in 2017, continuing the rebirth of the Simpson case into yet another year, and just in time for OJ Simpson to come up for parole. Clark says that she understands the theory that Sheen is working with, and it is nonsense, and if there was anything to it, something might have been done by now.

Clark explains that despite the divorce, Jason Simpson remained close with his stepmother, Nicole Brown Simpson, and had no motive whatsoever to harm her. Clark is describing a theory by Bill Dear that he shared in his book, OJ Is Innocent And I Can Prove It. In the book, Dear, and now in the documentary, Martin Sheen, blame Jason Simpson’s rage murder on a bout with mental illness.

Clark and journalist Tony Ortega believe that Jason Simpson is being put in a horrible position, and is being accused of things without being charged.

Tony Ortega has been railing against this theory that Sheen is using for his documentary ever since Bill Dear published his book back in 2012. He wrote a pointed article for The Village Voice, entitled “Bill Dear is Full of It and I Can Prove It.” Ortega said that Dear put out his first book in 2001, which was called OJ is Guilty, But Not of Murder, and then repackaged the same theory for the book that Martin Sheen is now using for his documentary, which he believes will vindicate OJ Simpson and put Jason Simpson in the spotlight and, in Sheen’s mind, before the grand jury.

One of the main things that Sheen and Dear point to in terms of Jason Simpson’s guilt were his circumstances at the time of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Considering that Jason Simpson has never been charged, sharing the details now seem slanderous.

— “At the time of the killings, Jason was on probation for assault with a deadly weapon — he’d attacked a former employer with a knife.”

— “Hospital records showed that Jason had been treated for a mental disorder that had triggered three suicide attempts as well as sudden, fierce and irrational attacks on other people.”

— “Nicole had changed her plans and had not brought the family to eat at Jason’s restaurant the night of the murders, which Dear theorizes was a blow to Jason’s ego.”

— “Dear believes that Jason went to see her that night to confront her about ruining his big night, and his mental state caused him to go into a rage and kill her (with Goldman just in the wrong place at the wrong time).”

The theory then continues to say that OJ Simpson then did what any good father would do, and covered Jason Simpson’s tracks.

With this new project, spearheaded by Martin Sheen, both Sheen and Dear can have their moment in the sun, OJ Simpson will be vindicated, and likely, Jason Simpson will have to spend the rest of his life under a cloud of suspicion, and likely will never be charged.

Why do you think Martin Sheen feels so strongly about vindicating OJ Simpson, and pointing his finger at Jason Simpson?

[Photo by Associated Press Staff]