Jodi Arias Prison Shopping List Reveals What Life Is Like For Travis Alexander’s Killer: Sex Toys, Junk Food, Beano, And Zit Cream?

Nearly one year after Jody Arias was sentenced for brutally stabbing Travis Alexander 29 times in his home, Radar Online revealed what a sad, lonely life she is living behind bars by releasing her prison shopping list. Jodi has had trouble adjusting to life inside the prison walls, as she has a clear issue with anyone that is in a position of authority. It gives the public an intimate look at the life of inmate Jodi Arias.

Jodi is currently serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole at Perryville Prison in Arizona. Arias claimed she didn’t have the money to pay for an attorney during her murder trial–it sure hasn’t slowed her shopping sprees in the prison commissary. It brings the question up–if she was too broke to hire a lawyer for her trial, where is she getting the money to spend in jail?

Radar Online explained they studied her shopping list from January through March, and her purchases were consistent although on the strange side. Inmate #281129’s purchase history includes foods, medicines, and a few rather odd personal hygiene products.

Jodi Arias' life inside Perryville Prison in Arizona

According to court documents, Jodi stabbed Travis over 29 times, including slicing his throat wide open, a slice from one ear to the other. Taking her offense into consideration, she hasn’t been able to get her hands on any knives or shavers other than a rotary shaver which was purchased at the end of January. According to felon and RHONJ Teresa Guidice, the inmates used toothbrushes as sex toys in jail. It seems to be accurate too when you consider Jodi has purchased 10 toothbrushes in the past few months; however, she never bought toothpaste. So, does she have exquisite oral hygiene, or is she using the toothbrushes to pleasure herself? No one knows for sure, but it seems to be the latter.

Also, on her shopping list was Tucks medicated wipes, Acne soap, Athletes foot cream, and Beano supplements. Arias has been known to stock up on beans and eats them regularly. She also purchases tortilla chips, salmon in oil, salmon flakes, clams, imitation crab, bacon bits, nuts, and mayo on a weekly basis. It seems if she eats beans regularly that could be the reason she could need the Beano supplement.

Jodi Arias strange shopping list revealed

Arias seems to be having some difficulty maintaining her hair behind bars. She has purchased multiple hair products–including anti-dandruff shampoo, extensive conditioner, and daily clarifying shampoo. She also bought deodorant and fruit-smelling body lotion.

In February, according to Net News, Jodi received a punishment of no visitors for 200 days for verbally attacking a prison guard by calling her a “c**k blocker.” According to the jail’s records, on February 3, Jodi made an offensive remark to the guard and then later claimed she had no idea the saying was sexual in nature. Jodi was attempting to make a call when she felt the officer was giving her a hard time. After the in-house prison investigation, it appears that Jodi was irritated because the officer refused to allow her to get a haircut. She claimed, ” I knew she’d tell me no. She’s a c**k blocker.” In retaliation, she mouthed off, and now she is paying for it–no visitors for 200 days. In addition to the 200 days, she must have good behavior for at least 180 days before they allow her to have any visitors. Ouch!

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[Photo Via AP Images]