Arturo Gatti’s autopsy reveals he may have committed suicide

According to a Arturo Gatti’s autopsy report obtained by a Brazillian newspaper, Gatti was “suspended and hanged, indicating he may have committed suicide.”

Arturo Gatti’s wife, 23 year old Amanda Rodrigues Gatti, was arrested as a suspect in her husband’s death but she maintains her innocence. Gatti was found strangled with a woman’s purse strap around his neck while sleeping after a night of heavy drinking. The pair were at a rented apartment in Brazil on their second honeymoon.

Police are certain that Gatti’s wife killed him, since all the evidence up to this point has pointed in her direction, but the Coroner’s report says their initial findings indicate an “accidental death, murder or suicide.” and that the knife wound on the back of his head “may have occurred when the body fell to the floor.”

Gatti’s family however, are bringing up the fact that his wife, Amanda, could not possibly have had the power to strangle a man of his size and strength. Amanda’s sister, Flavia, told reporters:

“She is fragile, young and skinny – how could she kill a boxing champion? When she awoke, she presumed he had committed suicide. But she had nothing to do with it.”