Bernie Advocate Tim Robbins Shredded By Hillary Supporters

Tim Robbins pressed all the right buttons on Hillary Clinton supporters in his speech for Bernie Sanders in Milwaukee.

Robbins, best known for his role in The Shawshank Redemption, spoke up for Sanders on Monday, calling out Clinton’s crowd as “sheep.”

According to The Wrap, Robbins said voters “who feel Bernie in their hearts but are supporting Hillary with their pragmatic brains” are “not bad people, and if we were sheep, if we had gotten in line, there’d be no problem now.”

Robbins attacked the media next, saying they put too much emphasis on Hillary’s victory in South Carolina.

“Who’s fooling who? Winning South Carolina in a Democratic primary is about as significant as winning Guam. No Democrat is going to win in South Carolina in the general election.”

Enraged Clinton supporters struck back.

“Tim Robbins calling Clinton supporters ‘sheep’ because they don’t agree with him is the ultimate KETTLE BLACK.. So stupid it burns.”

Another tweeter vowed to boycott Robbins films.

“Tim Robbins movies will be banned in the Carrigan household now. My husband, myself and his parents are all HRC supporters.”

“Tim Robbins, go support Bernie but quit insulting Hillary. Berniebro rudeness is a big reason why Hillary supporters won’t consider Bernie.”

“Way to trash Guam and South Carolina, Tim Robbins. I appreciate the people Guam and SC trying to get their voices heard in any way possible.”

Robbins responded on Monday, with tweets of his own.

“No disrespect to voters of SC or Guam. Was making a point about MSM anointing HRC after SC primary. No surprise ABC took it out of context.”

Bernie spent some time thrashing Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, throwing him in with Republicans across the country who are “trying to suppress the vote.” Sanders called them “political cowards of the worst kind.”

“If you don’t have the guts to participate in free, fair, open elections, get out of politics.”

Robbins had described Clinton as someone “entirely entrenched in the dysfunctions of the past.” He slammed her 2002 vote for the Iraq War, which Clinton has since called a mistake.

Sanders responded to those remarks, according to The Hill, saying, “Tim Robbins is right.”

“That war has been a disaster for our country and the Middle East in general. I voted against that war, Secretary Clinton voted for that war.”

Sanders brought up Clinton’s Wall Street speech transcripts, her support from super-PACs, and support for trade deals he said negatively affected U.S. workers.

“Trade is not a sexy issue. It is clear to me that our trade policies… have cost us millions of decent-paying jobs.”

Robbins told voters that they can make a difference.

“I just encourage people to believe that their vote matters. This is still a primary, and you have the right to vote for whoever’s closest to what you believe in.”

There was a crowd of several dozen in attendance in Manitowac.

“I just want to say how inspired I am to be here to see… how many people are working for this victory tomorrow. It means something. It matters that you care… about a real change instead of perfunctory one.”

Sanders talked about how he opposed fracking and income inequality, and was for women’s equal rights, HTR News said. He touched on giving a voice to minorities and reforming the criminal justice system.

“At this pivotal moment in American history, people are beginning to say the status quo is not acceptable. In a thousand different ways, we are taught to think small. We are taught to believe we can’t change the status quo. That does not have to be.”

The Wisconsin primary election takes place on Tuesday, April 5.

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