Prostitute Can’t Be Turned Away By Hotel Owners, Australia Court Rules

Queensboro, Australia – If you are a prostitute working in Queensland, Australia rest assured their is a place for you to conduct your business. An appeals court on Wednesday ruled that hotel and motel owners do not have the right to turn away escorts because of their profession.

The working girl who filed the lawsuit and who goes by the name “GK” sued a hotel who turned her away in 2010 after discovering his profession. Originally a local court ruled that the hotel did nothing wrong but an appeals court overturned that ruling.

The incident occurred at the 3.5-star Drovers Rest Motel after GK had stayed at the location 17 times over a two year period. Hotel officials turned her away after discovering that she was a sex worker.

Unfortunately for the hotel Queensboro, Australia has legalized escort services and sex workers can not be discriminated against because of their job. By turning away GK the motel according to the appeals court acted in a discriminatory manner based on her profession.

GK said of her refusal to drop her case:

“They wanted me to go away, but I am a tenacious little terrier, and I would not give up.”

GK is now seeking damages of $32,000 from the hotel.

The tribunal who overturned the original courts decision has not yet revealed why they chose to hand the case over to GK.

Discrimination based on sexual activity is explicitly banned in Queensboro.

Do you think GK was in the right or should she have found a new stomping group?

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