Mickey Shunick’s Body Believed Found, Buried Near Remote Cemetery

The body of Mickey Shunick, the missing college student from Lafayette, Louisiana may have been found — police are tentatively sure the corpse located in the area is that of the young woman, but they are not fully ready to confirm the information just yet.

Mickey Shunick has been missing since May 19th, and her parents have been searching frantically for her since the morning after, when she did not attend the graduation ceremony of her brother. Since Mickey Shunick’s disappearance, her family have expressed constant worry, but a conviction that the college student would eventually come home safe.

When Shunick went missing her dad told press:

“If she has been taken by somebody, where is she? What are they doing to her? It’s better being around people like over here. It’s tougher when you’re alone at night.”

Not long after she disappeared but well before police believed they found Mickey Shunick’s body, her bicycle was located some distance away from the area in which she was last seen alive. That was at the tail end of May, and by July 6th, police announced that an arrest had been made in the case, taking into custody a registered sex offender.

Still, it would be another month before Mickey Shunick’s body, found by police near a remote cemetery and awaiting identity confirmation, would be located. According to ABC, the body found believed to be that of Shunick is consistent with information telling them to look in that area, but they cannot say unequivocally that it is that of the missing college student:

Cpl. Paul Mouton of the Lafayette Police Department told press:

“We believe strongly this will be Mickey Shunick, but we cannot confirm that at this time… We received credible information as far as where she could be located, off Route 10 in Evangeline Parish. It was confirmed there was an area where a body was buried off the roadway and beyond a cemetery.”

Shortly after his arrest and before the body of Mickey Shunick was thought to be found, Brandon Lavergne was charged with her murder.