Gwen Stefani Rocks ‘Space Pants’ On SNL, Blake Shelton Wants Her To Wear Them ‘Home’

Just call Gwen Stefani Blake Shelton’s space cowgirl. During their appearances on Saturday Night Live, Gwen Stefani and Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage rocked out-of-this-world outfits for a sketch that can only be described as “Space Oddity” with a splash of Goodfellas.

Blake Shelton is currently in Las Vegas, preparing for his performance at tonight’s Academy of Country Music Awards, so he couldn’t be in the SNL audience to watch Gwen Stefani sing live. However, it’s evident from Blake’s Twitter page that he managed to catch his girlfriend’s appearance on the sketch comedy show.

As Billboard reports, Gwen Stefani performed two songs about Blake Shelton last night: “Make Me Like You” and “Misery.” However, Blake seemed more impressed by Gwen’s SNL performance of a totally new tune, titled “Space Pants.”

Gwen Stefani Sings Space Pants
Gwen Stefani and Peter Dinklage perform “Space Pants” on SNL [Image via NBC/YouTube]
In addition to performing two songs live, Gwen Stefani made a guest appearance during one of Peter Dinklage’s SNL sketches. As Gossip Cop reports, Dinklage and Stefani teamed up to sing a song, titled “Space Pants,” in a Saturday Night Live sketch that co-starred cast members Bobby Moynihan, Beck Bennett, Jon Rudnitsky, and Pete Davidson. The SNL foursome played a group of mobsters who were bickering about money in a club, and of course, there was talk about somebody getting whacked. However, Dinklage and Stefani’s extremely distracting background performance made it difficult for the dangerous criminals to keep their discussion focused on debt and death.

Shortly after the mobsters’ conversation began, Peter Dinklage took the stage rocking a modified Sia wig, a silver top, and a pair of “space pants.” He then proceeded to sing a song seemingly inspired by his trousers and The B-52s.

“Look at my pants with the eyes in your face / My legs are covered in outer space,” he sang. As he continued performing, the mobsters got more and more distracted. And when Gwen Stefani joined him onstage for a surprise appearance, they completely gave up on trying to ignore what was happening on the stage in front of them.

“Why the hell is Gwen Stefani hanging out with space pants?” Beck Bennett asked his fellow mobsters.

Gwen Stefani’s lyrics about her shorter version of Peter Dinklage’s space pants included a Star Wars reference.

“People on earth hear what I say / My shorts are from a galaxy far, far away,” Gwen sang. you can check out her performance below.

After rocking the SNL stage in her legless space pants, Gwen Stefani shared an Instagram photo that gave fans a closer look at the intergalactic shorts.

Blake Shelton was so impressed with Gwen Stefani’s space pants that he begged her to bring them back home with her, and Blake’s use of the word “home” in the tweet below caused a lot of Shefani fans to freak out. It seems to suggest that he and Gwen are shacking up, and Blake’s fans responded to this revelation by bombarding him with tweets begging him to marry Gwen and make babies with her.

This could be a sign that things are getting pretty serious between Gwen and Blake—she’s actually getting the guy who hasn’t changed his cowboy look in years interested in fashion.

Blake also tweeted that he was “dead” after Gwen’s performance of “Misery,” and he called it “brilliant.”

Even though Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are still in the honeymoon phase of their relationship, Gwen is being cautiously optimistic about her future with the “Honeybee” singer. During her recent interview with Vanity Fair, Gwen admitted to being in love with Blake. However, she also revealed that she’s not sure how their romance will play out, and she refrained from sharing any details about where she and Blake are currently at in their relationship.

“Yeah, for sure,” Gwen responded when she was asked if she’s in love.

“I don’t really want to go into that relationship, and God knows what’s going to happen.”

In other words, Gwen Stefani isn’t sure whether marriage and babies are on the horizon just yet. However, this shouldn’t stop Shefani fans from enjoying Gwen and Blake’s adorable social media exchanges about space pants.

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS]

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