Blake Shelton Defends Gwen Stefani After Her ‘Pregnancy Announcement’ Upsets Fans

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have been plagued by pregnancy rumors since the beginning of their five-month-long romance, so Gwen decided that a fake baby announcement would make the perfect April Fools’ Day prank. Unfortunately, a few of her fans didn’t find her joke about those pesky tabloid rumors funny, so Blake decided to step in and defend his girlfriend.

On April Fools’ Day, Gwen Stefani poked fun at the persistent rumors that she’s pregnant by sharing a sonogram photo along with the caption, “It’s a girl.” According to Gossip Cop, a few of Gwen’s Instagram followers responded to the joke by saying that it is insensitive to women who are unable or struggling to conceive.

“Shame on you. All those suffering from infertility and pregnancy loss expect better than you. Classless,” one commenter wrote. Others labeled it “cruel,” “insulting,” “rude,” and “childish.”

However, numerous other women chimed in to defend Gwen, including a few who disclosed that they were struggling with infertility.

“As someone with endometriosis and having had several surgeries which left me unable to have children this doesn’t bother me one bit,” one of Gwen Stefani’s defenders wrote. “And if it bothers you, there may be something else wrong, mentally that you may want to address.”

Other commenters pointed out that Gwen Stefani was simply joking about tabloid rumors about her pregnancy, and that she didn’t mean to offend anyone. Some accused Gwen’s critics of being overly sensitive, which is a sentiment that Blake Shelton seems to share. When one of his Twitter followers asked him what he thought about all the negative comments about Gwen’s Instagram post, he responded in true Blake fashion by tweeting his unfiltered feelings.

“I ignore self appointed do gooders who b***h and moan on social media. Try it. The world gets WAY better.”

Blake Shelton’s social media habits have seemingly started to rub off on Gwen, because she also decided to use Twitter to respond to her haters. When one of her critics tweeted that “fake pregnancy announcements aren’t funny,” Gwen responded by tweeting that she agrees with his sentiment. However, it’s the fake tabloid announcements that the “Used to Love You” singer has a problem with, not April Fools’ Day pranks. As you can see, Gwen’s tweet included a photo of an In Touch Weekly cover claiming that the “Misery” singer is pregnant with a “Miracle Baby at 46.”

This isn’t the first time Gwen Stefani has poked fun at the tabloid proclamations that she’s pregnant with Blake Shelton’s baby. As E! News reports, Gwen playfully mocked the pregnancy rumors in her live music video for “Make Me Like You,” a song that’s all about her relationship with Blake Shelton. In one scene, Gwen makes a quick stop at a beauty parlor and grabs a magazine. As you can see, she can’t believe that a tabloid is trying to start a rumor that she dumped Blake for E.T.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani haven’t just been busy addressing baby rumors this weekend—they both have big events coming up that they’ve likely spent a lot of time prepping for. Gwen is tonight’s musical guest on Saturday Night Live, and her supportive boyfriend decided to promote her appearance by tweeting that he’s “SOOO excited” about it. There’s no word on which songs Gwen will be performing from her new album, This Is What the Truth Feels Like, but Blake likely has his fingers crossed that she’ll sing one of the multiple tunes about how terrific he is.

Gwen’s muse is also set to perform this weekend, and the Las Vegas Sun is reporting that Blake Shelton is already in Sin City to prepare for Sunday night’s Academy of Country Music Awards. Blake is not hosting the ACM Awards this year, but the Sun teases that he might crash the opening monologue of this year’s hosts, Luke Bryant and Dierks Bentley. Perhaps Gwen will fly to Las Vegas after she’s finished with SNL so that she can be Blake’s ACM Awards date.

What do you think of Gwen Stefani’s pregnancy prank? And do you think she’ll attend the ACM Awards with Blake?

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