Rare Sighting Of Multicolored Square- Or Cube-Shaped UFO In Delaware — Cube UFOs Are Portents Of Evil, UFO Hunters Say [Video]

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Mar. 31 2016, Updated 8:30 a.m. ET

Following a report by a witness from Wilmington in Delaware to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) that he sighted and filmed a mysterious pulsating, multicolored, and square-shaped UFO that flew low in the sky, some UFO investigators have pointed out that sightings of square- and related cube-shaped UFOs are very rare indeed and that the latest sighting could have special significance. Some members of the UFO community have also said that square- and cube-shaped UFO sightings are not to be taken lightly because they are often portents and harbingers of evil.

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According to the witness of the latest rare sighting in a testimony filed as Case 71063 in the archives of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) — a non-profit organization that documents and investigates claimed sightings of UFOs across the world — the witness and his wife had just left a birthday party in a suburban area of Wilmington on April 15, 2015, and were walking towards their parked car when he looked up and noticed a bright pulsating source of light in the sky.

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The light, which appeared above the tree line, was multicolored, according to the witness. It changed color from blue to white and red to orange. The witness said the UFO may have changed colors by rotating its structure. This suggests the UFO may have been a cube.

According to the witness, “As I walked toward my automobile, parked along the street, I noticed a bright and pulsating light to my left about one mile away and at about 40 degrees above the tree line.”

“The object was pulsating and changing color from blue to white to red to orange in a pattern that made it seem to be rotating,” the witness continued.

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“The object was pulsating and changing color… in a pattern that made it seem to be rotating.”

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The UFO, according to the witness, was moving away from his position. He called his wife’s attention to the mysterious object in the sky.

“It moved slowly with no deviation from its course and moved away from my position toward the north,” the witness added. “I had no idea what this object was and called it to my wife’s attention. I told her that I thought it was a UFO.”

Both witnesses had no idea what the object was, so the reporting witness decided to film it. He was able to film the UFO briefly using his wife’s cell phone.

“I was excited by the object’s presence and immediately ask my wife for her cell phone,” he told MUFON.

“I was able to activate the camera and filmed the object for a brief time. I was only able to magnify the picture near the middle of the sighting and the video is at some points shaky,” he said.

The UFO continued to move away from the witness’s position as he filmed it. The mysterious object eventually disappeared from sight beyond the horizon.

The video (see above) shows the UFO flying in the night sky. It appears as a point source of light at first but after the witness zooms in it appears as a square-shaped source of light in the sky.

Viewers have acknowledged that it is difficult to guess what the UFO might have been, but according to some viewers, it could have been a balloon or a drone.

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However, some viewers have commented that the multiple colors of the UFO and the impression that it may have been displaying various colors by rotating suggests it was a cube UFO rather than a square-shaped UFO.

Compared with orb, triangle, and cigar-shaped UFOs, reports of sightings of square-shaped or related cube-shaped UFOs are so rare that occasional reports are often invested with special occult significance by members of the UFO community. Many in the paranormal UFO community view the square and cube shapes as symbols of evil. And strangely, a disproportionate number of sightings of square- and cube-shaped UFOs have been reported in Texas.

The last major reported sighting of a square-shaped UFO was in June 2014 by a witness in Austin, Texas, who reported to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) that he sighted a square-shaped UFO with four lights. According to the witness, in a report filed as Case 57373 in MUFON’s reporting database, the mysterious low-flying UFO had four lights and emitted a continuous low humming sound.

The four lights of the UFO were also of different colors, two red and two yellow.

“There was very little space between the lights, giving the appearance of a compact square,” the witness said.

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But with regard to the latest square-shaped UFO sighting, suggestions that it may have been a cube recalls a viral video by UFO hunter Secureteam10 that purported to show a black cube UFO spotted just after midday and filmed over El Paso in Texas in June 2015. The appearance of the alleged black cube UFO had been preceded by “jet black” swirling clouds after it got rather windy.

According to Secureteam10, the swirling black clouds were an “inter-dimensional wormhole.” The video appears to show a “massive” cube-shaped UFO emerging from the alleged “inter-dimensional worm-hole manifestation.”

“I am personally at a loss for words because this thing is mind-blowing,” the video narrator, Tyler Glockner, said. “We do not know what it is — is it a craft or an entity from another dimension, is it a probe sent here from a higher intelligence in another galaxy?”

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While online debunkers, such as Doubtful News, rushed to declare the footage a hoax, UFO believers argued that because cube-shaped UFOs are very rare, the manifestation of the cube UFO through a “wormhole” was a significant event.

Many concluded that the cube-shaped UFO was a harbinger of evil or the culmination of a hologram R&D research project by the government ahead of the inauguration of the evil Antichrist-led New World Order regime. Some argued that its emergence from a “worm-hole” suggested it could be a scout ship from another dimension arriving ahead of a full-fledged alien invasion of Earth.

The tendency to view sightings of square- or cube-shaped UFOs as harbingers of evil arises from the belief among paranormal UFO investigators that the cube is an occult symbol of the Devil.

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