’10 Years! None Of My Children Saw 10 Years!’ Grieving Mother Screams As Drunk Driver Marco Muzzo Is Sentenced For Killing Three Children And Grandfather

Superior court justice Michelle Fuerst has sentenced Marco Muzzo, 29, to 10 years in prison for having three times the legal limit of alcohol in this blood and crashing his speeding SUV into a minivan, killing Daniel Neville 9, Harrison Neville, 5, Milly Neville, 2, and their grandfather, Gary Neville, 65, in September, 2015, the Guardian is reporting.

In September, 2015, Muzzo crashed into a family minivan after running a stop sign while doing 85 km/h (52 mph). The grandmother to the kids and great grandmother, who were in the van at the time, survived but were seriously injured. Muzzo, who is part of one of Canada’s wealthiest families (the Muzzos are ranked among the top 100 richest Canadians with an estate worth more than $1.7 billion), was so drunk that had urinated on himself and struggled to stay on his feet when police arrived on the scene.

Muzzo pleaded guilty earlier this year to charges of impaired driving causing bodily harm and impaired driving causing death. Superior court justice Michelle Fuerst made the sentencing Tuesday, and banned Muzzo from driving for 12 years. Prosecutors had asked for a maximum 12 years and a ban for 8-10 years. The defense had disagreed and said an eight-year sentencing was adequate. Fuerst said the number of years Muzzo would serve in prison was unimportant, because after it all, he would go back to his normal life while the family of his victims would never be the same.

Jennifer Neville-Lake, the mother of the kids, confronted Muzzo at his court sentencing.

“I don’t have anyone left to call me mom. Not one left. You killed all my babies. The sentence is 10 years and none of my children saw 10 years. I would not wish this horror I am living on anyone but you. You deserve to know exactly what it feels like to have every single child you created meet someone like you.”

In his first public comments when he was arraigned in court, Marco Muzzo had said he was “tortured by the grief he had caused.” Reading from a released statement, he said he knew his words were of no consolation to the family of the victims. “I know that there are no actions that can ever change what has happened, no steps to bring back the children,” but Edward Lake and Jennifer Lake, parents of the three children, had already stormed out of the courtroom.

Muzzo has promised to dedicate his time towards teaching people about the devastating consequences of drunk driving, according to CBC News.

Jennifer Neville-Lake had questioned the authenticity of his remorse outside the courtroom, saying there is nothing he could say that would affect her. “I don’t want to listen to the man who is responsible for killing my children. I don’t see why I should put myself through that,” she said.

Defense lawyer Brian Greenspan had said his client was a good person who had a moment of madness. He said the whole family was deeply stricken by the devastation they had caused. But crown lawyer Paul Tait insisted that Muzzo’s sentence needed to reflect the public repulsion of the act. Tait agreed that no sentence could make up for the catastrophic loss, but that it was crucial to keep Muzzo off the streets for a long time. Muzzo’s actions are in tandem with “having a loaded gun and walking down the street,” he said. Muzzo has already received 1.5 credit days for every day he has spent in jail; he has only nine years and four months remaining. He will be eligible for full parole in three years.

Do you believe a ten-year sentence is sufficient punishment for Marco Muzo’s crimes?

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