Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Unleashes On Donald Trump After He Defends ‘Abusive’ Campaign Manager

Right from the second The Kelly File started tonight, one could tell Megyn Kelly would unload on Donald Trump more than usual. First, Mrs. Kelly summarized the latest Donald Trump controversy.

“Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was walking the candidate though the crowd following an event in Florida when a reporter for a pro-Trump website [Breitbart], Michelle Fields, asked Trump a question. According to a tweet that night from Fields boyfriend Jamie Qwinstein of The Daily Caller, Lewandowski tried to pull Fields to the ground when she asked a tough question.”

Megyn Kelly Donald Trump
Megyn Kelly is angry about the treatment a reporter allegedly received by Donald Trump’s campaign manager. [Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]
Kelly then pointed out that Fields weighed in two days later when her account was published online. Fields claimed she was jolted backwards and that someone had grabbed her tightly, trying to yank her down. She almost fell, but was thankfully able to maintain her balance. However, Fields claimed she was still shaken.

Trump’s spokesperson issued a statement that evening to deny the event ever occurred. Megyn Kelly noted that even a Washington Post columnist was able to confirm the story. Kelly angrily added that there was both video and audio tape that captured the incident.

Michelle Fields was able to post pictures of an injury on Twitter.

As Megyn Kelly noted, Trump, his campaign manager, and — especially his supporters — attacked Fields, who ended up filing a criminal complaint. As Fields told Kelly, all she originally wanted was an apology.

“This morning, police in Florida announced that charges would be brought. Lewandowski turned himself in and was charged with simple battery, a misdemeanor,” Kelly announced.

Megyn added that the charge requires proof that the defendant actually and intentionally touched another person against their will. She admitted that no malice must be proven in order to secure a conviction. Kelly showed another video that the police released, but the video didn’t really show that Corey Lewandowski physically assaulted Fields, at least not in the way she claimed.

According to Bustle, Trump claimed the bruises Fields received were fake. In a video that Megyn Kelly showed, Trump said that the tapes are conclusive and don’t show any type of physical abuse being committed. Trump says the tapes do show that Fields was grabbing at him, but that Lewandowski was just blocking her.

Megyn Kelly had Ben Shapiro from Dailywire on the show to talk about how “lies are being covered up” and it is all obvious from the tape. He mentioned the word “lies” at least 10 times in his comments, while talking very fast and direct.

“Donald Trump is a smoking garbage heap of human debris and so is Corey Lewandowski,” Shapiro continued.

However, Attorney David Wohl disagreed.

“It didn’t happen, Megyn. What she describes happening never happened…What she told officers, and this is the important part, is that she felt someone yank her arm, but you can see in the surveillance camera that it didn’t happen.”

Megyn Kelly Donald Trump
Megyn Kelly kept stressing that Trump and Lewandowski were lying. [Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]
Megyn Kelly obviously didn’t agree with Wohl and kept accusing Trump and Lewandowski of lying when claiming that nothing happened. It turned into a shouting match, with Megyn Kelly doing a decent job of maintaining her composure. She said that the audio tape had the proof.

What do you think about the controversy over Trump’s campaign manager and his alleged battery on Michelle Fields? Do you agree with Megyn Kelly on this? Let us know in the comments section.

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