Ted Cruz Calls Alleged Sex Scandal ‘Garbage,’ But Hesitates To File Lawsuit Against National Enquirer

National Enquirer released a two-page article about Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz regarding women he allegedly had affairs with while married to wife Heidi Cruz. The article has since led to much debate as to whether the allegations are true.

In the article, the presidential hopeful is accused of having affairs with five women who were not identified by the National Enquirer. Their photos were blurred, leading to speculation as who the women could be.

One of the women has since been identified as Donald Trump’s spokesperson, Katrina Pierson. She campaigned for Ted Cruz when he ran for senate. In an interview with One America News Network, Katrina Pierson denied the allegations, noting that the details of the article have been constructed in a way that would make it difficult to file a lawsuit. She further said that there is zero chance any of the claims made by the publication are true.

Katrina Pierson Addresses Alleged Sex Scandal With Ted Cruz

Other women allegedly involved in the scandal are Amanda Carpenter, a former Ted Cruz staffer, and a woman said to be Sarah Isgur Flores, a former Carly Fiorina deputy campaign manager. The last two women have not yet been identified but are said to be also in the political field. None of the other women have commented so far.

A lot of questions have surfaced on whether the allegations are true because, interestingly, Ted Cruz hasn’t denied or confirmed the reports. Moreover, no lawsuit threats to the publication have been made.

Several political figures have already poked their noses into the issue. Most say that if the allegations are indeed untrue, the Republican presidential candidate should have filed a case already.

On Monday, former Governor Mike Huckabee said that if the senator wants to fight these latest accusations about him, he should start by suing the publication. The governor even cited the lawsuit between Gawker and former WWE wrestler Hulk Hogan adding, “I think he’s got a terrific opportunity to file the lawsuit. And, that’s the way to fight some of this stuff.”

Ted Cruz only responded by calling it “garbage” and blaming the supporters of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. The two Republican presidential candidates have thrown their fair share of insults against each other involving their wives. The real estate mogul threatened just recently to spill the beans on the senator’s wife. This is Ted Cruz’s reason to believe that the people behind the National Enquirer article are the frontrunner and his “henchmen.”

The senator specifically called out Roger Stone, who recently spoke with Frank Morano on AM970 The Answer on Sunday morning. The Donald Trump confidant questioned Ted Cruz for not suing the publication as the senator is a lawyer himself and he knows very well that the lawsuit will not cost him anything as long as the allegations ring no truth.

Roger Stone added, “To be absolutely clear — Cruz won’t sue because the allegations are largely true.”

Roger Stone continued to claim that the senator paid Carly Fiorina half a million dollars earlier in the campaign season, which is in fact confusing, as the two do not like each other. The Trump supporter raised the possibility of it actually being “hush money.”

Roger Stone Talks About Ted Cruz’s Sex Scandal

Stone also pointed out that what the GOP frontrunner meant about “spilling the beans” has to do with Ted Cruz’s wife having a mental breakdown. She was reportedly found by police officials wandering the streets and was disoriented.

If these allegations about Ted Cruz and these women he allegedly slept with are true, many are saying that it would not only affect the campaign of the senator in his bid for the US presidency but the whole Republican Party as well.

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