Speaker Boehner Rips Into President, Says Obama ‘Never Had A Real Job’

House Speaker John Boehner tore into the President today after bemoaning a nasty election cycle, saying that the leader of the free world has never had a real job.

John Boehner probably meant a “real job” outside the presidency, of course, since we are pretty sure that is the most serious job in America, and probably a great deal of work. But Boehner doesn’t seem to be too moved by President Obama’s work ethic or responsibilities, and started by complaining about the election in general.

Boehner, while appearing on Kilmeade and Friends, first accused the president of pandering to 93% of Americans by calling them “the middle class”:

“Sometimes I have to catch my breath and slow down because the rhetoric in this campaign is just so over-the-top… that’s because the president’s policies have failed. Listen — 93 percent of Americans believe they’re a part of the middle class. That’s why you hear the president talk about the middle class every day, because he’s talking to 93 percent of the American people.”

President Obama is the great grandson of America's first slave, according to Ancestry.com

After laying into the crazy, middle-class pandering rhetoric of the current election cycle, Boehner insinuated that President Obama doesn’t even care about the middle class and their job woes, saying:

“But the president has never created a job. He’s never even had a real job, for God’s sake… And I can tell you from my dealings with him, he has no idea how the real world, that we actually live in, works.”

When Boehner was through ragging on Obama for not having a job, he turned his ire to Sen. Harry Reid’s attacks on Mitt Romney over the issue of taxes — saying Reid’s comments had no basis, and that the “American people are too smart for this, they’ll get to the bottom of this.”