Puerto Rico Adviser Facing Calls To Resign Over Anti-Obama Tweet

Heidi Wys, an adviser to a powerful Puerto Rico lawmaker, is facing calls to resign after sending an offensive anti-Obama tweet to the POTUS himself.

In the tweet, Wys urged President Obama to purchase First Lady Michelle Obama a double-banana sundae, and to take her to Kenya. She sent it last week in response to a tweet from Obama, in which he said that his wife’s birthday was coming up. Her comments also reflected certain “birther” sentiments on her part. “Who cares?” Wys responded. “Take her to Burger King, buy her a sundae with double banana, take her to your homeland, Kenya!”

According to the Huffington Post, Wys is the primary adviser to House of Representatives President Jenniffer Gonzalez and has earned a war-chest north of $600,000 for her services as an administrative consultant since 2008. Many legislators are demanding her resignation in light of her comments.

“How is it that Puerto Rico `does it better’ if the government pays an employee who is discriminating against the president of the United States?” said Sen. Juan Eugenio Hernandez, calling out Puerto Rico’s tourism slogan. “It is a racist comment from a person who must have great hatred within,” he continued. “This is placing the name of Puerto Ricans across the world in a very precarious situation.”

This isn’t the first time Wys has tweeted against the POTUS. While she maintains that she is not a racist, she has made it clear on several occasions that she does not support the Obama, and has urged investigations into the authenticity of his birth certificate and status as an American citizen, according to Fox Latino.

Gonzalez’s spokeswoman, Marieli Padro, said that neither Gonzalez nor Wys would be available for interviews on the matter, and declined to comment on whether or not Wys’s job is in jeopardy. Gonzalez has attempted to distance herself from Wys’s Twitter habits, saying that the “expressions disseminated are not acceptable, do not represent my sentiments and are the exclusive responsibility of those who wrote them,” in a statement which also urged employees to exercise a little more discretion with their social media behavior.

Overall, Obama is actually quite popular in Puerto Rico.