WWE News: Update On When Finn Balor And The Balor Club Are Set To Debut On The Main Roster

If there is one thing that seemingly every WWE fan has been thinking about it, it’s WWE NXT. NXT has become just as big of a deal as any program WWE has, including WWE RAW and SmackDown. Both shows are for the main roster, however, while NXT has a completely different roster with its own unique style. It is a brand all to its own, and that brand a lot of the time is better than what we see on the main roster. It has many wondering, is it the show that allows this or is it the talent that makes the show what it is?

WWE NXT Champion Finn Balor leads the pack and many believe he could do a lot of great things on the main roster. His friends from New Japan Pro-Wrestling are set to pair up with him when he arrives, as well. Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows were big members of NJPW’s Bullet Club faction and most thought that the loss of the two of them very well killed the club itself. With AJ Styles coming over as well, it felt that WWE took away the biggest talking point of NJPW in some time.

When Balor was in NJPW, he was highly successful due to his friends helping him. He became a three-time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion with relatively long reigns. His reigns were helped by the Bullet Club for sure, which only popularized the group. The great success of Balor, the better for the group, then. He was known around the world due to his time in NJPW, which caught the eye of WWE. He finally came over and has been a huge part of the brand since. He is one of the main reasons for the rise of NXT, which makes many wonder — could he help the main roster, too?

Balor paint

It looks like Vince McMahon has been banking on that. He wanted Balor to come up as recently as last summer, but Triple H was against it and felt he needed more time in NXT. It essentially worked out as both Sami Zayn and Hideo Itami were out due to injury and he was able to take over as the main face of the brand. Now that Zayn is back, he has come to the main roster while Balor remains down in NXT. Some believe that others could take his spot as the main face of the brand, but this might take time.

People like Hideo Itami could take over upon his return, along with the likes of Apollo Crews. Some who have yet to be brought in but are most likely WWE bound by the end of the year like Zack Sabre, Jr. will be a huge addition to the brand and help it out. This is not even including Austin Aries and others WWE could bring in out of TNA.

That makes many believe Finn Balor is WWE bound sooner rather than later. Vince McMahon wanted him in as recently as the Chicago RAW show a little while back. McMahon actually believes Balor will be a good addition to the roster and with his friends, he could become a major threat instantly where some failed. Rumors state that we could see Finn Balor and the Balor Club take part in WrestleMania in some small capacity. Others believe they could have a major role — we just don’t know of yet.

Bullet Club original

Other rumors, which are more believable, have Balor debuting on the WWE RAW after WrestleMania. This is usually a big night for returns and debuts, so it would make sense for him to debut on the main roster here. Cageside Seats reports that the Balor Club very well could debut at any point now, which means WWE could pull the trigger literally at any time they see fit. It could even be tonight.

The way to know his return is imminent is if he drops the NXT Title to Samoa Joe at WWE NXT Takeover: Dallas. Triple H felt he should drop it before he jumped to the main roster, so most can assume that he will drop it, then. Triple H seems to only be able to hold off Vince from taking Balor for so long, so it has been rumored that the two might have struck a deal to have Balor finish up at Takeover and then jump.

Expect Finn Balor to be given “the treatment” upon his arrival. Basically, he may be put in a major spot very soon into his debut. Some believe he’ll get the Seth Rollins role, which Rollins would leave due to his comeback being as a babyface. So, the new Authority guys very well could be Finn Balor along with Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows.

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