WWE News: Big Creative Issues Between Vince McMahon And Triple H Over When To Bring Finn Balor Up From NXT

When it comes to NXT Champion Finn Balor, there has been a lot of speculation on when he will finally arrive on the main roster. While he has done a lot of great things to help the WWE NXT brand since his arrival in 2014, the thought for months was that he would debut well before WrestleMania 32. Now that WrestleMania is just around the corner, we have yet to see Balor make his big debut despite the tease of it for some time.

WWE just debuted a new “Bulletproof” T-shirt for Balor, and both Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows are set to be with WWE very soon. WWE has basically set us up to see Balor make his main roster debut, but this has yet to happen. What is interesting is that Anderson and Gallows signed a main roster deal, not one for NXT. The exact same thing happened with Shinsuke Nakamura. This is due to the fact that WWE does not plan to keep any of the NJPW additions down in NXT for long or at all.

When it comes to Finn Balor, there were rumors that he was going to debut last summer. This never occurred for a variety of reasons, first being that injuries gutted the NXT roster and the feeling was that NXT could not afford to lose him. Second, Triple H felt that Balor could be a major part of NXT for a long time and help to drive up the brand. It seems, however, that if it were up to The Game, Balor would never come up. This has seemingly led to a creative dispute with Vince McMahon over Balor.

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According to Wrestling News World, there seems to be a difference in opinion on when to bring up Finn Balor from NXT. Triple H feels, like he always has, that it would be best to wait on Balor’s debut until some time after WrestleMania. He feels that Balor’s arrival should wait until after NXT Takeover in Dallas, where he is set to defend the NXT Championship. Balor is supposed to drop the NXT Title before he debuts.

However, Vince McMahon feels that debuting Balor while he’s the NXT Champion would not matter, as Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, and Big E. all debuted on the main roster while holding the title. Some feel it even brought some credibility to the title by having it out in the open on WWE RAW. Meanwhile, for whatever reason, Triple H feels debuting Balor as NXT Champ would devalue the title.

Vince feels that it would be smart to debut Balor, Gallows, and Anderson as soon as next week in Chicago, Illinois. This is much sooner than most anticipated. It would also be a rarity for WWE, who rarely debuts stars this close to WrestleMania. WWE even has a creative plan in their pocket if they planned to do this. According to the Wrestling Observer, there has been some speculation on AJ Styles turning on Chris Jericho, forcing an abrupt end to their partnership. This would then leave AJ open for a match with Balor at WrestleMania, which would be like another main event to those who know the Bullet Club history.

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This match is also WrestleMania worthy, and WWE needs to have more top matches for the show. Some feel Styles working for a championship of some kind at WrestleMania is best, but this would be a great secondary option if WWE wanted to go against that idea for a while.

This is, of course, if WWE actually debuts Finn Balor by Chicago. They need to start setting up WrestleMania matches, and next week in Chicago is a good time to set something up for him. The same can be said for three weeks out. Right now, however, it is uncertain when we will see Balor. It does seem likely that since Vince is getting on Triple H about his debut now more than ever (and he pushed hard for it this past Fall), we might see Balor by at least WWE RAW after WrestleMania 32.

It would not be shocking if Vinny Mac did get his way and managed to get Finn Balor, Doc Gallows, and Karl Anderson in by that time. It also would be a good place to do it, as Chicago is considered a mark town, and fans will know all three. WWE will be in similar towns leading to WrestleMania as well.

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