Son Of Man Killed By Whitey Bulger Says, 'He Will Be Getting A Pitchfork In The A** From The Devil Now'

The death of notorious Boston mobster Whitey Bulger came as good news to at least one family.

Bulger was convicted in 2013 of taking part in the murder of Michael Donohue, an innocent man who unknowingly gave a ride to another mobster who had tried to turn Bulger into police -- a man who was marked for death. Bulger's crew ambushed the car, noted, killing the target and Donohue as well.

Now, after the 89-year-old Bulger was beaten to death in prison -- allegedly by other mobsters who were angry at how he turned on them -- Donohue's family is celebrating. His widow, Patricia, said the news brought relief as the family was resigned to the thought that he would live out his days in prison and die naturally.

"We're very happy that the man is not here any longer because we don't have to hear his name again," she told WBZ-TV. "Myself? I'd like to open up a champagne bottle and celebrate."

As the Lowell Sun reported, Michael was a loving father who was planning to take his 8-year-old son fishing to celebrate the boy's first communion on the day he was murdered. Michael stopped at a bar to have a quick drink and was headed to pick up his son when another man, Brian Halloran, asked for a ride. Halloran was a criminal who had tried to turn Bulger into the police. Halloran thought that if he was riding with Donohue, he would be safe and they would not try to kill him.

He was wrong. Bulger's crew fired indiscriminately into the car with a machine gun, killing both men.

Tommy, the boy who was waiting for his father to come home the day he was murdered, was happy to see Bulger dead and would "put money in his canteen" for the murderer if he could.

"He spent many years destroying my family and a lot of other families, so a guy like him doesn't deserve a nice easy death," Tommy told WBZ-TV. "He deserved a slow death and that's what I hope he got."

"He will be getting a pitchfork in the a** from the devil now," he added.

Other families of people killed by Whitey Bulger shared the sentiment, with many telling the Lowell Sun that they were happy the mobster, as well as the legacy that Hollywood helped to create around him, was gone. Tommy's mother was particularly pleased, saying after Bulger's death that "I think that there's one less scumbag on this earth."