Sarah Palin Pulls Out Of Trump Rally Appearance Following Her Husband’s Crash

Sarah Palin is well known for being at the center of political news pieces, but rarely does her husband, Todd Palin, receives any attention. However, Todd Palin made the headlines yesterday when he was hospitalized following a snowmobile accident. Following this, his wife and former Alaskan governor confirmed that she will be pulling out of a Donald Trump rally appearance because of the crash.

Very few details have arisen around the cause of the crash and the condition of Palin’s husband, but the former governor was previously confirmed to be making another appearance alongside Donald Trump, as she has done at several points during his campaign. The Trump campaign did confirm on Monday that Sarah was returning to her home in Alaska following her husband’s crash, but she did make an appearance at the rally in Florida on behalf of Donald Trump that same afternoon.

Sarah Palin used the appearance to thank the public for their prayers and wish her husband a quick and full recovery. At the same time, she also slammed the media for their coverage of previous Trump rallies and the subsequent unrest that has come out of them.

Todd Palin is currently believed to be in intensive care following a snowmobile accident, confirmed by the former governor of Alaska and Republican vice presidential candidate on her Facebook page on Tuesday morning.

Palin went on to thank supporters for their prayers and wishes that her husband has a full recovery. It’s hard to argue that Sarah Palin has been anything but supportive of her husband during this difficult time for her family, especially while juggling her responsibilities to the Trump campaign. That being said, there’s still been no official word from Donald Trump over Todd Palin’s accident, but he is expected to make a few remarks during his next appearance.

Sarah Palin is, of course, best known as for her failed vice presidential bid as the Republican candidate alongside John McCain. The McCain-Palin ticket went on to lose to the Democratic Barack Obama-Joe Biden ticket. Since then, Palin has made few public appearances until recently coming out in support of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who’s believed to hold widely similar political views to Palin.

A number of political pundits have commented that Palin’s public support for Donald Trump could come at a price, with many believing that Palin could have been promised a place within President Trump’s cabinet or even possibly the spot as the vice presidential nominee once again. Either way, Palin has certainly been throwing a lot into the Trump campaign.

Sarah Palin’s return to the main stage of American politics is one that’s sure to excite many Tea Party Republicans. Whilst she was unsuccessful in her vice presidential bid, Sarah Palin is still an incredibly popular politician in her own right, and that’s something Donald Trump’s campaign will want to capitalize on. Trump is picking up endorsements from across the Republican spectrum, with many believing that he could just be selling cabinet positions in exchange for those aforementioned endorsements.

[Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images]