O.J. Simpson: No DNA On Knife Found Buried At Former Home

It looks like O.J. Simpson is in the clear again. The knife allegedly found buried at O.J.’s former home has turned up no new evidence in the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, or Ronald Goldman.

According to TMZ, the knife, which was reportedly found by a construction worker buried on O.J. Simpson’s former property where he lived at the time of the murders, was given to a police officer, who kept the weapon for many years before police were made aware of the knife and it was turned over for DNA testing in recent weeks.

Now, sources are revealing that the knife, which many were hoping would be proven as the murder weapon, has turned up no evidence. The report reveals that DNA testing on the knife produced no matches and that the microbes in the soil degraded any DNA that may have existed to the point that it was impossible to get any clear results.

O.J. Simpson knife reveals no DNA evidence in murder case.
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However, the police have released a statement that no results from the knife found at O.J. Simpson’s former property have been shared from the crime lab so there is still hope that evidence could still be found.

If evidence were to be found pointing to O.J. Simpson as the murderer of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, the former football great could not be convicted under the double jeopardy law, which states that a person can not be on trial for the same crime twice. However, some were hoping that the testing would find new evidence, proving the knife was the murder weapon and that O.J. could have had an accomplice in the murders or at least someone to help him hide the knife, which would have been a huge story.

Meanwhile, O.J. Simpson, who is currently in prison for armed robbery after being convicted exactly 13 years to the day of his murder acquittal, is said to be “laughing” about the fact that the knife was found on his former property. Page Six reports that Simpson is even mocking his rhyming trial motto “If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit,” by saying “If the knife is busted, I can’t be busted.”

“He thinks it’s a total joke. O.J. is laughing about it. He’s on top of his game. He’s like Muhammad Ali. He says almost every construction worker carries one of those folding knives. Anyone could have dropped it,” an insider close to Simpson revealed.

Although O.J. Simpson’s murder trial happened over 20 years ago, it is still fresh in the minds of many who followed the huge “trial of the century,” through the media and watched all the drama unfold on their television sets.

O.J. Simpson up for parole in October 2017
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Now, all of those questions and feelings are being stirred back up through the FX hit drama American Crime Story: The People V. O.J. Simpson, which details the time of the murders and trial and all the main players involved including Marcia Clarke, Robert Kardashian, Johnnie Cochran, Robert Shapiro, Christopher Dardin, Judge Lance Ito, and Detective Mark Fuhrman. The TV series has everyone’s attention, and is getting rave reviews from fans who are tuning in each week to watch the drama and relive that time in our nation’s history.

With all of this news about O.J. Simpson still making headlines decades later, will it have an impact on whether or not Simpson gets parole? Although he’s currently serving a 33-year prison sentence, he will be eligible for parole in October of 2017 after he’s served 9 years behind bars. Could O.J. be a free man again in the near future? He certainly seems to think so. “All he thinks about is parole,” revealed the source.

What are your thoughts on the O.J. Simpson knife reportedly not turning up any DNA evidence?

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