Todd Palin In Intensive Care Following ‘Very Serious’ Snowmobile Accident [Breaking]

Todd Palin has been hospitalized following a “very serious” snowmobile accident. According to CNN, Sarah Palin’s husband is in the intensive care unit after the accident which occurred in Alaska on Monday night. Although Sarah Palin has not given any kind of update on her husband’s condition, she has canceled her upcoming appearances campaigning for Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

“Todd Palin was in a bad snow machine accident last night and is currently hospitalized. Gov. Palin is returning to Alaska to be with her husband and looks forward to being back on the campaign trail soon. Mr. Trump’s thoughts and prayers are with the Palin family at this time,” read a statement from Trump’s camp.

The extent of Todd Palin’s injuries are unknown at this time. According to NBC News, Sarah Palin will be making one stop on the campaign trail today in Tampa, Florida, before she flies back home to be with Todd. This suggests that his injuries are not life-threatening. Sources have said, however, that Todd Palin was “badly” injured.

A source close to Sarah Palin did state that her decision to stay in Tampa for a little longer was due to her inability to book a flight back home. She has been in contact with her husband’s doctors all day.

“The former Alaska governor will stop by a Trump town hall in Tampa but has canceled her other planned appearances with the GOP frontrunner, whom she endorsed earlier this year. She has been in contact with medical personnel and will be traveling back to Alaska today, [a] source said.”

Senator Ted Cruz tweeted his well wishes for Todd just a short time ago.

Todd Palin became fairly well known when Sarah Palin ran for Vice President for Sen. John McCane. Soon after Sarah Palin was voted Governor of Alaska, Todd became known as the state’s “first dude.” While Todd hasn’t overshadowed his wife over the years, he has certainly become a face that most people recognize. People were able to get to know a little about him during the 2008 campaign and then even more about him on the reality show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, which aired on TLC in 2010 and 2011. On the show, people were able to watch the Palin’s live their every day lives in the northern most state.

According to Fox News, Todd is “an avid snow machine competitor.” He has competed in — and won — the Iron Dog snow machine competition “several times,” according to the report. Although he clearly knows how to ride a snowmobile, accidents can and do happen.

Update: People Magazine reports that Sarah Palin gave a bit of an update on her husband, Todd. Thankfully, it does sound like Todd Palin is going to be okay.

“Thank you guys, for your prayers for my husband, who is recovering right now in the ICU after a little wreck on a snow machine, so thank you… a big wreck,” Palin told the crowd gathered in Tampa, Florida.

Sarah Palin is expected to be back in Alaska tonight.

Check back for more details as they become available.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]