Olympic Reporter Gets Surprise Kiss From Fan [Video]

A reporter for Sky News was standing outside of Old Trafford last week reporting on the 2012 London Olympic Games when a playful soccer fan decided to interrupt his broadcast with a kiss.

The reporter tries to resist her advances at first but the blonde fan wraps her hand around his head and pulls him in for a kiss. His colleagues start laughing and the reporter is visibly embarrassed.

According to Yahoo, the awkward kiss was made even more strange (or invasive) due to the fact that the unnamed reporter was fasting for Ramadan. (During Ramadan, people refrain from food, drink, and sexual contact.)

As his colleagues laughed, the reporter joked:

“I am truly fasting.”

At least the woman had the courtesy to say “thank you.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time that a reporter has had a hard time filing a report due to unruly fans. Major sporting event reports are always plagued with drunk and screaming fans. Usually, the reporters just get surrounded by drunken hollering. This reporter was at least lucky enough to get some gratitude, and a kiss, for his reporting efforts.

Here’s the video of the Olympic reporter getting a kiss from one of his fans.