Were Kate Middleton And Prince William Victims Of France’s Fiercely Anti-Royal Sentiments?

When Kate Middleton and Prince William were pretty much told to push off and find alternative accommodation by a French hotel, it was a bitter sleight that couldn’t have sat well in the royal stomach. Was there a deeper and more significant meaning behind what many amongst the blue-blooded breed perceived as an outrageous snub of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge?

What are we talking about? We’re talking about the French Revolution.

Kate, as we all know, was a mere commoner before the royal hand clad in the velvet glove of opportunity plucked the homely daughter of an air hostess from obscurity and perched her on a pedestal as a princess in waiting.

Such is the class system in the U.K, where people are subjects and only the Queen is Sovereign. It is deeply ingrained in the blood of many Brits to always grovel and ingratiate themselves when in the company of their “betters.”

Their “betters” are usually people with a plummy voice, considerable wealth, and inherited titles. It is usually unheard of for one of the common breed to marry a “better.” Obviously, when Kate married Prince William, it made many in the lower classes feel like one of their own had made the grade and was living the dream.

Prince William

Having Kate in the “family” made the “bundled and botched” feel as if they too might one day have a shot at the title and a seat at the trough. In short, such things keep the mob happy, and more importantly, in their place.

The French, of course, are a different breed. They don’t believe in worshipping royals or pandering to them. And more importantly, they don’t lose their heads in the presence of royalty. As Wills and Kate discovered after being told to “do one” by a French hotel.

The Express reports that Olivier Walt, the owner of the plush Hôtel Marotte hotel where Prince William and Kate Middleton had requested to stay, didn’t hesitate in turning the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge away.

“We have to decline the offer, it’s impossible at that time of the year, we are already fully booked up.

“It is certainly a shame. But we can’t tell people who reserved rooms with us months ago and have already paid for their stay: ‘Sorry, but the royal family are coming, so we’re going to have to cancel your stay.’ It wouldn’t be fair.”

Can you imagine a hotel in Britain having the same attitude if they were already fully booked and Kate Middleton and Prince William wanted to stay?

Prince William

The prevailing sycophantic mood and celebrity obsession in the U.K. is such that they’d turf you out of most hotels on your wedding night if David Beckham wanted a bed at the last minute, let alone Will and Kate.

Not so in France. They held their own revolt again the revolting royals a long time ago and haven’t looked back since.

The French Revolution put an end to France’s suppressive feudal system, in favor of the emancipation of the individual, greater division of landed property, the abolition of the privileges of noble birth, the establishment of equality, and the simplification of life. Above all, it aimed at benefiting all humanity.

It led to the spread of liberalism, radicalism, socialism, and to movements for abolitionism and universal suffrage in the next century.

In a broken Britain, riddled with poverty and crippled by debt, the tax-paying public continue to finance the royal family’s pampered and idle existence while constantly remarking with no hint of irony how “hardworking the royals are.”

The only time the public take to the streets in any number is to wave little Union Jacks and stage parties in honor of a little old lady or the marriage of a young couple they don’t even know.

It would appear the revolution has very much passed them by. As Jean-Jacques Rousseau once pointed out, “Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains.”

[Photo by Danny Lawson – WPA Pool/Getty Images]