Donald Trump Seeks To Unify Republican Party

Tuesday’s primaries turned out almost exactly as Donald Trump hoped they would. Though Trump didn’t win all four of the states that voted yesterday, he did win Hawaii, Mississippi, and Michigan. He lost Idaho to fellow GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz, who is in second place behind Donald Trump and would need to make a significantly huge jump in numbers and delegates to even come close to catching up with Trump.

Donald Trump originally vowed to run for president under an independent ticket if he was unfairly treated by the Republican party, meaning if he is the clear nominee but not chosen to represent the GOP as the presidential candidate. While that is always his option, Trump has been greatly under fire for entertaining a decision that would essentially split the Republican party. Having sworn allegiance to his own party, Donald Trump is now attempting to bring the Republicans together in one great cause — to elect him as the presidential nominee.

According to CNN, The Donald spoke to supporters, issuing a message of unity. He wants the party to come together behind him to secure the nomination, so when it comes down to the 2016 presidential election, Republicans would have a better chance of defeating the Democrats, especially if Hillary Clinton ends up as the one chosen to run for president.

“If we could embrace this moment as a party, we’re going to win so easily. Something is happening that’s amazing. We’re getting millions and millions of people that have never voted before, millions of people from the Democrats, millions of people from the independents. We’re going to win areas and states that were never in play before, and would never be in play for any of these other candidates — I mean, Ted Cruz cannot win these states.”

Always known for his bold and arrogant statements, Donald Trump has nevertheless delivered on a large portion of these statements, showing he is exhibiting confidence and not just empty braggadocio. As reported by Breitbart, Donald Trump is making strides to speak to the Republicans’ sense of unity as a party, and the importance to come together to ensure the next president is Republican and, of course, is Donald Trump.

“I must tell you, it’s very, very important—as a Republican—that our senators and that our congressmen get re-elected, that we put a good group of people together, that we keep the people there. Not all of them are on my side, but we have some terrific people, and it’s very, very important if we’re going to be effective. It’s very, very important.”

In Donald Trump’s opinion, if the GOP rallies behind him, an election to the White House is almost a sure thing. While the Democrats are down about 30 percent or more on voter turnout, the Republicans have increased significantly.

“[The Democrats] are down from what they were. We’re up by 50 percent at least, and even more than that. You’re talking about millions of people. So I actually think it’s the biggest story in politics today and I hope that the Republicans will embrace it.”

Donald's Lighter Side
Many people just do not understand Donald Trump's lighter side. Here Trump is pictured In South Carolina in August, 2015,, allowing Mary Margaret Bannister to touch his hair and see for herself that it is real. [Image credit: Richard Shiro/AP]

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