Chinese Woman Wakes From Coma To Name ‘Doting’ Boyfriend As Her Attacker

A Chinese woman finally awoke after lying in a coma for eight months to reveal her doting boyfriend, who had been watching over her “lovingly” during her time in the hospital, was actually her attacker and the person who placed her in that condition.

Lin Yingying, 22, came around from her coma a while back to reveal Liu Fenghe, 25, was her attacker. She shocked her family and the hospital staff by announcing that it was Liu who had attacked her, causing her serious head injury and putting her into the coma.

At the time of her hospitalization, Liu had been hailed in the Chinese media as being a romantic hero for paying 200,000 yuan ($30,828) towards her hospital care and for doting over Lin as she lay in a prone state in her hospital bed.

At the time of her attack and hospitalization, Liu told reporters that he would stay by Lin’s bedside forever. The love story reportedly touched the hearts of many people in the city of Dalian, where they live, and Liu was described as a model of true love for standing by her so faithfully.

According to the New York Post, the Chinese media now has a different view of the boyfriend as they now hear he was the one responsible for putting her into the hospital in a coma in the first place. According to the Chinese woman, Liu had also previously beaten her on at least two other occasions.

While Lin reportedly regained consciousness in May 2015, three months after being taken home from the hospital by her parents in February that year, the story has only now come out. It was Lin’s father who recently revealed the story to the police that his daughter was blaming Liu for her severe head injury, which led to the Chinese woman lying in a coma for eight months.

As reported by the Mirror, Lin had chosen to keep her silence over who caused her injury, as she was apparently too fearful of Liu to tell anyone the truth about his attack on her. The Chinese woman claimed she had been severely beaten by her boyfriend because she had accidentally burned 20 loaves of bread at their small bakery business.

It was this past month that finally saw the Chinese woman getting up the courage to tell the true story of her beating and subsequent lapse into a coma, saying her boyfriend had beaten her with a rolling pin. She went on to say she had been constantly abused by Liu during their time together and that he had forced her to keep quiet about the beatings by threatening her life.

According to Lin, her “doting” boyfriend’s decision to stay by her bedside was taken purely out of guilt and had nothing to do with either compassion or love.

According to the Chinese media, Lin’s father has now reported the Chinese woman’s allegations against her boyfriend to the local police. The Chinese police are now investigating Lin’s claims, including at least two other beatings.

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[Photo via Flickr by Kate Ter Haar/CC BY 2.0]