Naked Woman Climbs On 18-Wheeler Truck, Prays And Dances Nude And Shuts Down Highway 290 [Video]

There is a bizarre scene going on in Houston, where a naked woman climbed on top of an 18-wheeler truck, danced around, and refused to come down. The nude dancing woman brought the highway to a complete stop, as authorities tried to figure out how to get her down.

According to ABC 13, the naked woman experienced some sort of an accident or crash — even though the details of that crash aren’t clear at this time. Either way, the news coming out of Houston proves to be truly strange and scary as the nude woman was somehow involved in a car crash that has caused the westbound lanes of Highway 290 at Huffmeister Road to be almost completely shut down.

The nude lady climbed on top of the 18-wheeler huge truck, with the naked woman standing on top of the big rig truck. Several police cars and firefighter trucks can be seen in live video, trying to get the woman to come down off of her perch. However, the talking has not convinced the nude lady to come down from the truck for more than 90 minutes.

The live video of the naked woman on the truck that has shut down the popular Houston freeway is being taken from a helicopter, so the nude woman can only be seen from a distance. Nevertheless, the live and streaming video of the naked woman, as taken from the SkyEye HD chopper, proves that the woman indeed isn’t wearing much — if any — clothing.

Plenty of cars can be seen slowly driving by as they are trying to figure out what’s going on with the naked lady atop the vehicle. The exact specifics of the accident aren’t known, but traffic has been truly slowed down by the nude standoff. According to ABC 13, the agitated naked lady stood up several times, and there have been reports of the nude lady dancing, but then she went back to sit atop the cab of the 18-wheeler.

As expected, Houston drivers are being urged to avoid the area of the naked lady on top of the truck.

On Facebook and other social media platforms, reactions to the naked lady on top of the truck on Highway 290 are pouring in.

“How did she get on top of the truck tho?”

“Shout out to the naked lady twerking on top of an 18 wheeler at 290 and Huffmiester. Road construction will do that to a person.”

“This made my morning. And I sense a future plot point.”

“THIS has been a crazy morning here in Houston!!!”

“It’s official. Crazy a** people are now stripping down and dancing on semi trucks in the middle of Houston traffic!”

“You stay classy, Houston.”

“Well that’s just another day in Houston traffic.”

“Probably doing the rain dance.. Lol”

“They got her down and into an ambulance. 290 is backed up to the beltway!!!”

The most recent live video shows a ladder being extended to the naked lady, possibly for authorities to try and reach her that way.

Update: Live video from ABC 13 appears to show that the naked woman has been rescued by authorities from atop the 18-wheeler truck. According to the SkyEye reporter, the managers have asked him to keep a safe distance from the naked woman, who authorities are currently trying to remove from the bucket — in order to make sure everything goes smoothly. The reporter claimed that the naked woman appeared to be in good spirits, and even prayed in the nude at one point. As soon as the 11 a.m. CT Houston news went live, the situation with the naked woman began to be resolved.