Top-Secret Underground Alien Base At Yellowstone National Park? Alien UFO Crashes, Explodes Over Old Faithful Geyser, According To UFO Hunters [Video]

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Mar. 6 2016, Updated 6:26 a.m. ET

Members of the online UFO community are enthusing over a grainy webcam footage taken recently at the Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming and promoting it as “devastating” testimony against skeptics who deny existence of aliens and UFOs of extraterrestrial origin.

The footage, captured by the upper geyser basin night time live streaming camera, has gone viral in UFO conspiracy theory forums after it was uploaded to YouTube on March 1, 2016, by user Kat Martin2016.

It shows a strange incident that occurred on February 29, 2016, at the Yellowstone Park near the Old Faithful geyser: A mysterious glowing orb or “fireball” streaks across the sky and disappears, and moments later, a green flash of light appears.

The area around a mound is lit up by the green flash of light for several seconds.

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UFO Sightings Hotspot notes that the light could not have been created by a person on the mound nor could it have been due to a car light, streetlights, or walkway lights because people are not allowed to walk on the geyser mounds and they are also not allowed in the area after dark.

The blog also notes that according to Dutchsinse, there is no threat of an imminent eruption, thus the light could not have been caused by increased activity of the volcano.

However, YouTube user Kat Martin2016, who first uploaded the footage online on March 1, 2016, believes the light may have been caused by a meteor.

“Caught a fireball and then a big flash toward the end… maybe from the fireball? There was a lot of meteor activity last night,” Kat Martin2016 writes in the video description.

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She notes in a subsequent update that members of the alien and UFO community who obtained the footage were making claims that it shows an alien UFO or spaceship crashing.

“I recently found out that this video has been shared on a UFO-alien type channel saying it shows an alien spaceship crashing. I never said this, so I just want to make that clear,” the YouTube user writes.

But despite Kat Martin2016’s disclaimer, UFO researchers insist that objective analysis of the video in the context of the “big picture” of recent mysterious events at the national park, such as recurring strange lights and the recent incidental uncovering of a secret government research site at the park, forces the conclusion that the footage actually shows an alien UFO “exploding” over the park.

Conspiracy theorists insist that the incident, which comes soon after Dutchsinse (see video below) reported a previous strange incident on February 26, 2016, in which a bright light appeared in the night time feed, provides new evidence that there is a major government-alien base beneath the Old Faithful geyser at the Yellowstone Park. UFO hunters claim that strange lights recurring over the park are due to alien UFO traffic linked to the activities at the alien base.

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UFO conspiracy theorists challenged UFO skeptics to provide an alternative self-consistent explanation of recurring strange lights or “fireballs” at the park. UFO hunters wondered how random fireballs from space could repeatedly impact the Earth’s atmosphere over the Yellowstone area.

According to YouTube UFO hunter Tyler Glockner, alias Secureteam10, repeated incidents of “fireballs” and “strange lights” at the park are sufficient to silence skeptics who scoff at claims that the national park is the site of an underground alien base.

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“It has been long suspected that the US government has taken over pieces of land in Yellowstone Park under the guise of conservation, but instead are possibly building facilities underground, or possibly allowing aliens to build facilities underground,” he alleges.

UFO blogger Scott Waring agrees with Secureteam10 that the video shows a UFO. But he disagrees that it shows a UFO crashing. In Waring’s opinion, what the video shows is a UFO exiting an underground base and powering up.

“It is seen at the 32 second mark in the video and looks like a UFO that came out of the park’s ground and suddenly powered up and shot away at high speed,” Waring writes. “The bright flash was moving from the ground upward.”

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“I have long suspected that the US government has allocated park land and increased it every few years, not for conservation, but because the US allows aliens to build bases under that land,” he adds, echoing the view prevalent in the UFO community.

Frequent reports of “strange lights” and “UFOs” at the park fueled rumors that a major alien base exists beneath the park. Many UFO researchers believe that the alien base is a joint government-alien project like the Area 51 base in Nevada.

Members of the UFO community have often expressed the view that national parks are generally a “cover” for government-alien secret bases and that restrictions placed on human movement at certain areas of national parks are due to fears that people could accidentally stumble on evidence.

In the case of Yellowstone National Park, claims of a major government-alien research base were sparked last year by reports that a legal dispute between the federal government and a rancher led to the uncovering of the existence of a massive cave along the northern boundary of the park. The government had known about the cave for years but kept it secret while scientists worked secretly recovering thousands of artifacts and fossils of extinct species reportedly persevered in the cave.

But the existence of the cave became public knowledge following a court filing by a Montana rancher who claimed that part of the cave extended into his property.

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Despite claims that the cave, nicknamed “American Pompeii,” contained only artifacts left by ancient human cave dwellers and animal species, members of the online UFO and alien community speculated that government efforts to keep information about the existence of the cave secret was linked to efforts to cover-up the presence of a government-alien base and extraterrestrials working with the government at the base to reverse-engineer alien flying saucer propulsion technology.

“I’ve gotten calls about pieces of a flying saucer being found, as well as one gentleman who claimed to [have obtained a Yeti toe from the site],” Leonard Gutveldt, an archaeologist with the University of Montana, told the Yellow Gate website.

Rumors about an alien base at the Yellowstone National Park spread and gained traction only because there has been no official reaction and media reporters were unable to access the cave site and confirm the nature of scientific research work going on at the site.

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