Secret Entrance To UFO Base On Nepal Himalayas Blacked-Out On Google Earth — Alien Base Or Government ‘Area 51’ Facility? [Photos]

Alien and UFO hunters claim to have discovered the entrance to a secret underground UFO base located at the Kangtega peak of the Nepal Himalaya.

A large area of the Kangtega peak is blacked out on Google Earth, an indication — according to alien and UFO conspiracy theorists — that the powers-that-be (PTB) do not want you to see what is located in that area of the summit of the Himalayas in Nepal.

However, some skeptics have suggested that the blacked-out area on Google Map could be due to a glitch rather than a deliberate attempt to hide the entrance to a secret base.

But conspiracy theorists have pooh-poohed this suggestion as the delusional views of “coincidence theorists.”

The alleged secret UFO base was discovered by YouTube alien and UFO hunter MexicoGeek, who uploaded the evidence to YouTube on January 28, 2016. Since MexicoGeek discovered the entrance, other YouTube UFO hunters, such as Secureteam10, and FindingUFO, have uploaded the images to their YouTube channels.

The images have sparked lively discussion and debates on UFO forums over the past few days. The alleged base is located on the Kangtega peak of Nepal Himalayas at coordinates 27°47’43.40?N 86°49’6.40?E.

The Kangtega peak — also known as the Snow Saddle — is a major mountain summit in the Nepal Himalayas that peaks at 6,782 meters (22,251 feet). The summit was first ascended in 1964. Alison Hargreaves and Jeff Lowe also reached the Kangtega peak in May 1, 1986.

The Kangtega peak
The Kangtega peak on the Neptal Himalayas [Image via Uwe Gille/Wikimedia Commons]
According to alien and UFO conspiracy theorists, the exact area of the Snow Saddle blacked-out on Google Earth is the remote and inaccessible Kongka La Pass in Ladakh, Lazai at coordinates 27°47’43.40?N 86°49’6.40?E, and the adjoining Aksai Chin Lake area at coordinates 35°10’39.74?N 79°50’27.91?E.

These areas are known in the UFO community to be UFO hotspots. Alien and UFO spotters have reported strange and suspicious phenomena in this area in the past. Reported sightings in the remote and inaccessible area include massive flying saucers and orb UFOs emerging from underground locations.

UFO blogger Scott Waring suggested two possible explanations of the darkened patch on Google Earth images of the area. According to the blogger, the darkened area could include the location of the entrance to an underground alien base or the entrance to a top-secret government military base.

He notes that the location of the alleged entrance on the wall of a cliff in the Kongka La Pass coincides roughly with the highest ridge of the Nepal Himalayas, and is away from the direction from where climbers approach the summit. This means that it is possibly only accessible from the air.

Climbers near the Kangtega summit
Alison Hargreaves and Jeff Lowe climing to Kangtega, May 1, 1986 [Image via Tom Frost/Wikimedia Commons]
The Aksai Chin Lake, located about 70 miles from the Kongka La Pass, is an even more inaccessible and mysterious area on the Kangtega peak area. The mysterious lake has a huge black hole at the bottom believed to be the entrance to an underground alien UFO or secret military base.

The area is notorious for strange, eerie and mysterious activity and it is believed there is either a UFO base in the area or a top-secret military facility for alien UFO reverse-engineering research projects.

Although Waring believes that the inaccessibility of the area suggests it could be the entrance to an underground alien UFO base, he also acknowledges that Google may have blacked out the location on the request of the government because of a conspicuous artificial structure representing the entrance to a super-secret military facility like Area 51, located deep in the Nepal Himalayas.

“Google may have deliberately covered up this area so that we cannot see a top secret US govt military facility.”

Waring remarks that alien and UFO enthusiasts whose research work on secret military UFO facilities is still focused on Area 51 in the Nevada desert are “old school” researchers because since the U.S. government admitted publicly the existence of the top-secret Area 51 military research facility, new ones have been built in secret locations around the world, and these have taken over the functions of the old Area 51 facility.

YouTube UFO researcher FindingUFO, confirmed the coordinates of the blacked-out portion of the Snow Saddle area.

“You can search this discovery for yourself with the following coordinates on Google Earth: 27°47’43.40?N 86°49’6.40?E”

FindingUFO deepens the intriguing mystery of the blacked-out area by noting that “between December 18, 2000 (18-12-2000) & June 7, 2015 (07-06-2015) this secret entrance (dark area) on Google Earth in Nepal Himalayas did not exist.”

Some UFO hunters have suggested that FindingUFO’s observation could mean that the facility is a newly built government military facility for reverse-engineering projects.

[Image via Luca Galuzzi/Wikimedia Commons]

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