‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers: Who Returns And Who Loses It On The ‘Women Tell All’ Special

There are just two episodes left in the 2016 season of The Bachelor, but only one that has any real bearing on the outcome. Yes, that’s the season finale, but that isn’t what is happening this week. Ben Higgins will need to confront 17 of the women that he’s eliminated during this season, but a lot more happens on the “Women Tell All” special, and it brings a breakdown, some drama, some yelling, and one lady that loses it.

Please let it be known that there are possible spoilers ahead for the new season of The Bachelor starring Ben Higgins. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

In all, there will be 17 ladies returning from elimination earlier this season and appearing on the “Women Tell All” special that was taped a week ago. Reality Steve did get the list of which women will be there and here they are:

  • Amber
  • Lace
  • Caila
  • Becca
  • Jen
  • Jami
  • Rachel
  • Izzy
  • Tiara
  • Amanda
  • Leah
  • Emily
  • Haley
  • Lauren H.
  • Olivia
  • Jubilee
  • Shushanna

Pretty much, any of the women that were on the show from episode 3 until now will be on the “Women Tell All” special. Izzy and Tiara did go home on the first night, though. With JoJo Fletcher and Lauren Bushnell as the final two, there are nine women not appearing at all.

Yes, Lace and Olivia are going to be on the special, and it means there will be some loudness and likely a number of fans that aren’t too happy. As you may remember, they were often seen as the villains of this season.

Upon Ben Higgins hitting the stage, there isn’t a whole lot of drama that happens and honestly, it’s quite calm. It appears that anyone that had a problem with him, doesn’t have one anymore. The fireworks happen earlier in the episode, and is mostly between the ladies.

Host Chris Harrison does spend time speaking one-on-one with four of the ladies: Lace, Jubilee, Olivia, and the recently eliminated Caila Quinn. She has some things to say about Ben and even has to watch herself dumped yet again, but she seems to be quite positive as well.

The Bachelor 2016 spoilers Ben Higgins rose ceremony eliminations lauren bushnell amanda stanton women tell all caila
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Carter Matt does say that there will be some “big news” reveled on the “Women Tell All” special, but it isn’t expected to be anything huge. That news could have to do with Caila as rumors of her being the next contestant on The Bachelorette have been swirling.

Now, onto the serious drama moments for Monday.

Life and Style Mag does reveal that Olivia Caridi will confront Amanda Stanton, but it isn’t nearly as bad as you may think. Single mom Amanda was once called “teen mom” by Olivia, and it brought a lot of hatred her way for being rude and ugly.

The Bachelor 2016 spoilers Ben Higgins rose ceremony eliminations lauren bushnell amanda stanton women tell all olivia caridi
[Photo by Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images]

Believe it or not, Olivia got off on a bad foot with most of the women on the show, but she does realize her joke about Amanda was a bad one. With that, she ends up apologizing to Amanda and trying to mend broken fences.

Olivia will even end up in tears due to her time on the show and having been bullied via social media since being sent home.

During Monday night’s show, Amber and Jami are going to go after Jubilee for trying to play the race card earlier in the season. Jami even goes as far as to say she is not too fond of Jubilee using the “n-word” when around her.

Still, Jubilee finds it necessary to keep referring to herself as “the black one” on this season of The Bachelor. That makes things a bit weird.

Another apology is also offered on the “Women Tell All” special and it comes from Leah. She says she is sorry for lying about what she said about Lauren when the conversation came about and everyone was talking about it.

Lace is rather quiet, and that will kind of shock everyone. It’s Olivia and Jubilee who end up taking the majority of the heat on the “Women Tell All” special of The Bachelor. No, Ben Higgins has not caused as much drama as some (Chris Harrison) may have thought, but it’s the women who have it out with each other.

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