‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers: Host Chris Harrison Has Strong Words About Ben Higgins After Overnight Dates

The overnight dates on each season of The Bachelor are something that fans often wonder about, as they don’t know exactly what goes on in the Fantasy Suite. It’s never known if the bachelor has sex with one woman or two or three, but there are assumptions made. Sometimes, the truth comes out years later. Well, Ben Higgins has already filmed the overnight dates for the 2016 season, and The Bachelor host Chris Harrison didn’t speak too highly of him.

Please let it be known that there are possible spoilers ahead for the new season of The Bachelor starring Ben Higgins. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

Chris Harrison is not one who usually speaks out about the main stars or contestants on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. When he does reveal his thoughts, people are definitely going to listen and see what he has to say.

Buddy TV is reporting that Harrison spoke out on the overnight dates for this season, which are set to air on next week’s episode of The Bachelor. With Caila Quinn, JoJo Fletcher, and Lauren Bushnell remaining, Higgins reportedly spends the night with each one of them.

Harrison said, in regard to the Fantasy Suite dates, that Higgins “is not gentleman enough.”

Now, one may wonder exactly what that means, but it’s not difficult to realize or know exactly what Chris Harrison means. That is especially true, considering that Higgins will end up having all three of the remaining women spend the night with him in Jamaica.

Word has been going around about what may have happened on the overnight dates with Ben Higgins, which were taped a few months ago. Not every single thing is known exactly, but one source has said that he did indeed sleep with all three women, according to Us Weekly.

“Ben was intimate with all the finalists… The women were all so confident in Ben’s feelings after the fantasy suite dates. [They] didn’t realize just how torn Ben was.”

Not just that, but in so-called “spur of the moment” decisions, Ben ends up saying “I love you” to two of the three remaining women. They profess their love to him while in the Fantasy Suite and he returns it right back to them.

Producers and The Bachelor creator say that Ben is just following his heart while saying and doing what comes naturally. Still, it’s hard to think that these women didn’t believe they were his one true love and had captured his heart.

At the end of next week’s episode, Ben Higgins will eliminate Caila Quinn and have it down to just two women – Lauren B. and JoJo. That is when the 27-year-old bachelor comes to the realization that one woman would need to go home at the end of it all, and regretted telling two women he loved them.

For those not aware, it is Lauren Bushnell who ends up being the one that Ben chooses and JoJo gets eliminated in the season finale of The Bachelor.

Still, the source went on to tell Us Weekly that the runner-up (JoJo Fletcher) was really convinced she was “the one” for Ben Higgins. She was apparently devastated and shed “lots of tears” when she was not picked by him.

“Ben tells her that he truly does love her. He says those weren’t just words. That was the most important thing he had to do: Tell her that as much of a mistake as it had been to say ‘I love you,’ he did mean it.”

Even though Chris Harrison said that Ben Higgins was not enough of a gentleman on the overnight dates, he did go on to say that “a gentleman can still be a generous lover.”

The Bachelor is almost over for the 2016 season and Ben Higgins already has his choice made. The overnight dates have happened, but don’t air until next week in Episode 9. Now that everything has been done, host Chris Harrison has spoken his piece on the whole situation and it isn’t too flattering.

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