Donald Trump Basically Tells Mitt Romney To Perform Oral Sex On Him, Says He Could Have Told Him ‘To Get On His Knees’

Donald Trump has finally responded to Mitt Romney’s attacks by saying to a crowd in Portland that he should have told the 2o12 GOP candidate to drop to his knees.

“I could have said, Mitt drop to your knees, and he would have dropped to his knees”

Trump’s “drop to your knees” comments come after Romney criticized Trump and the state of the Republican party as he has now become the newest member of the #AnyoneButTrumpTrain,

And this isn’t the first time that Trump has told someone to “get on their knees” as he dropped the sexually charged innuendo to a female contestant on the Apprentice once.

CNN reports that Trump is no stranger to vulgarity and insults. Usually, his insults are aimed as a personal attack on an individual but usually extends to a larger group of people such as Muslims, Mexicans, women, and journalists.

Journalists like Megyn Kelly, for instance. Before his “drop on his knees” attack, the Inquisitr reported the former Apprentice host’s back-and-forth with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.

Specifically, he said, “She gets out and she starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions … You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. In my opinion, she was off base”

Clearly he was implying that Kelly was having her period which is why she was pressing him so hard, not only insulting her but effectively all women.

When pressed by the rest of the media on his comments, he deflected the issue as he often does, “Honestly, Megyn, if you don’t like it, I’m sorry. I’ve been very nice to you, although I could probably not be based on the way you have treated me. But I wouldn’t do that.”

He will likely do the same after making his “get him to drop to his knees” comment. During the aftermath of his comments about Megyn, he chalked it up as the media misinterpreting what he meant, and that he literally meant everywhere but the place everyone knows he was insinuating.

Mitt gave his rebuttal on the “dropping to his knees” statement while also refuting Trump’s claim that he begged him for an endorsement.

He then continued his summary of the GOP frontrunner as he warned Republicans.

“Think of Donald Trump’s personal qualities, the bullying, the greed, the showing off, the misogyny, the absurd third grade theatrics,” he said. “We have long referred to him as ‘The Donald.’ He is the only person in America to whom we have added an article before his name. It wasn’t because he had attributes we admired.”

So, what exactly does Trump mean when he said that he could have told Mitt to “Get on his knees.”

Everyone on Twitter seems to know that “The Donald” is being disingenuous about his “getting him to drop to his knees.”

Even former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is having second thoughts about supporting a president who tells everyone to get on their knees [Getty Images/John Moore]
Even former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is reportedly having second thoughts about supporting a president who tells everyone to get on their knees [Getty Images/John Moore]
The politicians and media will debate what Trump meant, but we all know that he meant what we think he meant.

[Getty Images/John Moore]