Is Chris Christie Wavering On Donald Trump? Former Candidate Has ‘No Intent’ To Re-Join Trump On Campaign Trail

Pundits and political junkies alike seem to agree that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is in the midst of an existential crisis regarding his affiliation with Donald Trump. Facing a tremendous tide of backlash regarding his surprise about-face regarding the character and electability of the current GOP frontrunner, Christie appears to be looking ahead to his political prospects after the election – and what he sees at the moment is a bleak picture, indeed.

Chris Christie made an attempt to resurrect his public image on Thursday afternoon, talking to reporters about his work in his home state since he dropped out of the presidential race a few weeks ago. In the process, Christie seemed to subtly distance himself from Donald Trump’s more controversial rhetoric and statements. While he did not rescind his endorsement by any stretch, the often outspoken governor did push back on widespread assertions that his endorsement and campaign appearances with Trump amount to a political capitulation.

donald trump
Donald Trump’s unbridled enthusiasm is a hallmark of his campaign to make America great again. [Photo by John Moore/Getty Images]

NPR’s Mark Katz noted that Christie began his press conference on a defensive footing, telling reporters that he has been working on state matters for most of the time since he suspended his campaign for president.

News and pop culture clearing house Heavy noted that Christie eventually got down to brass tacks, explaining the rationale behind his decision to endorse Donald Trump.

“I made no secret that Donald Trump and I have been friends for 14 years. I believe he’s the best person to beat Hillary Clinton. And as a Republican I feel strongly about making sure Hillary Clinton does not become President of the United States.”

chris christie
Many pundits have suggested that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie can wave goodbye to his future in politics following his endorsement of Donald Trump. [Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images]

Responding to satirical takes on his facial expressions as he stood behind Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday victory speech, Christie assured reporters that he had acted of his own free will despite his unusually entertaining facial expressions that were captured on video during the event.

“No, I wasn’t being held hostage… I wasn’t upset. I wasn’t angry,” Christie said in comments transcribed by Talking Points Memo. “I don’t know what I was supposed to be doing — I was standing there listening to him.”

Chris Christie has acknowledged that he has differences of opinion with Donald Trump and stressed that point again today by stating that he is not a “full-time surrogate” for the real estate mogul. He indicated that he has “no intent” to return to the campaign trail with Trump in the foreseeable future and sidestepped any talk of a cabinet appointment by Trump should the former reality star make it to high office.

Christie’s surprise decision to endorse Donald Trump, despite expressing blunt and scathing criticism of the billionaire candidate just days prior, has already inflicted heavy damage on the governor’s political standing at home. Earlier this week, six New Jersey newspapers issued a joint statement calling upon Chris Christie to resign from office. Accusing Christie of “hypocrisy” and “opportunism,” the editors of the six papers also suggested that voters mount a recall effort should the governor decline to step down.

Indeed, Chris Christie has indicated that an early exit from office is not going to happen. But as he fends off anger and frustration from his constituents as well as regional media, Donald Trump himself is now coming under attack from fellow Republicans including John Sununu and Mitt Romney. While political allies are becoming scarce for both men in this hotly contested political season, at least these two larger-than-life personalities have a friend in one another – at least for now, anyway.

[Photo by John Moore/Getty Images]