February 23, 2016
The 'Downton Abbey' Feud Between Lady Mary And Lady Edith [Spoilers]

As Downton Abbey comes to an end, the harsh relationship of the Crawley sisters is coming to a head, and that's not necessarily a good thing. Lady Mary and Lady Edith have always had a bitter manner of interacting, with Lady Mary coming out ahead most of the time. But when Lady Edith finally seems to be winning the race, will Mary be able to live with Edith being her social superior on Downton Abbey?

According to the Inquisitr, it is hard to imagine that Julian Fellowes could let Downton Abbey end with Lady Edith once again getting the short end of the Crawley sister's stick. Lady Mary already found happiness with Matthew Crawley, and finds yet another match with Henry Talbott. Lady Edith lost Michael Gregson in such a horrible way, had Marigold out of wedlock, so in the name of happily ever after, fans want to see Lady Edith find happiness.

Vanity Fair was taken inside the fight of the Downton Abbey series by actress Michelle Dockery, who plays Lady Mary Crawley, and gets a glimpse of just how satisfying it was for Lady Edith, played by Laura Carmichael, to take Lady Mary down a notch. But the two actresses really wanted Lady Edith to win for once.
"When we read it, me and Laura, I remember texting her going, 'Oh, my God. We're gonna have such a good time.' Cause we love it when [creator] Julian [Fellowes] writes these great scenes between the sisters. It's one of the core relationships in the show."

It seems that fans have been waiting for years to hear Edith finally call Mary out for being the "b*****" that she had grown to be. The two actresses had grown so close that a brawl felt out of character, but satisfying.

The Daily Beast called it the Downton Abbey smackdown, Edith versus Mary, in the final season. As the series winds down, fights, illness, suicide attempts, weddings, and a birth round out the last days of Downton Abbey.

"As Lady Edith so rightly said, it was 'the row we all knew was coming. I'm not sorry. I'm just sorry we didn't have it years ago.'"

Lady Mary got the chance to not only push the knife into Edith's back, but she got to twist it, and hurt Bertie and Marigold in the process. But it seems that the biggest learning moment is Mary realizing that she just might be as evil and cold as everyone thinks, and maybe Edith is her superior in all ways after all.

And if the turn of events wasn't bad enough, it seems that Lord and Lady Grantham are not that surprised that things once again won't turn out happily for poor old Edith.

"Edith's father also noted what wonderful news this was for 'poor old Edith, who couldn't even make her dolls do what she wanted.'"

But the ultimate learning experience might be the come-to-Jesus moment of Lady Mary, who finally has to take a really good look at herself, and finally, she doesn't like what she sees, and neither does her ever-forgiving brother in law, Tom Branson.

But is it possible that Julian Fellowes will let Downton Abbey end with Lady Edith eating humble pie once again?

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