‘Downton Abbey’ Series Finale Incredibly Dissatisfying [Update]

Series finale spoilers follow for Downton Abbey.

If you have not seen the final season of Downton Abbey, and do not want any information regarding spoilers, stop reading right now. Last night was the series finale of Downton Abbey, and though it has been reported that loose ends would be tied up, that was hardly the case for most fans of the long-running top PBS/ITV series. The only hope seems to be for the Christmas episode, but it’s unlikely that series creator Julian Fellowes can satisfy diehard Downton Abbey fans.

The Inquisitr reported that this season has been drama-filled, and has deviated from the tone of the prior seasons in terms of a certain grisly and dark scenes. Robert, of Lord Grantham, of Downton Abbey, had a health scare that involved him vomiting blood all over a dinner party. Then, Mary Crawley gets involved with a race car driver, which is ironic, because her husband died in a car accident, leaving her devastated, having just given birth to their child. The series finale does demonstrate the changing of the times since the launch of Downton Abbey, on the day that the Titanic went down off the coast of Canada. The “Great Houses” of England are falling on hard times, and service is no longer the go-to job for folks in the village.

The Daily Mail believes that show creator Julian Fellowes better sleep with one eye open for the way he ended the beloved series. The last episode cemented what fans have known since the first season, that Mary Crawley is the most obnoxious character in the series. Even those who have been fans of Mary have now officially joined #TeamEdith after the last episode of Downton Abbey aired. If Brits have been disappointed in their polite way, Americans will be outraged when the show airs in the United States in January.

“The final episode of Downton Abbey delivered a surprise wedding for Lady Mary Crawley but viewers were left outraged after her younger sister was denied her own happy ending. Fan favourite Lady Edith, played by Laura Carmichael, has seen more than her fair share of bad luck and heartache throughout the show’s six series. And last night ‘poor Edith’ had her dreams shattered once again when her spiteful sister, Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery), ruined her chances with her beau by telling him about her secret lovechild.”

Fans took to Twitter, and said things like “If Lady Edith doesn’t get her happy ending on the Christmas special, I will be raging, and nobody wants that on Christmas. #DowntonAbbey #TeamEdith.”

The Telegraph called the last episode a “warm blanket of escapism,” but watching Lady Edith once again get rejected, while downstairs, Thomas has slit both of his wrists in a bathtub hardly seems like escapism, but rather a nightmare for a series that had previously provided the escape to another world that fans loved.

“You might just as well ask whether a certain gay under-butler, portrayed as an inexplicably satanic schemer for series after series, would suddenly morph into everyone’s thwarted best friend.”

The Guardian believes that Julian Fellowes pulled off what some thought was impossible on Downton Abbey, but it seems rather that there has to be more to come for Downton Abbey and the Crawley family. Sure, some questions were answered, but more were left open-ended.

“What a day. I ruin Lady Edith’s life. And Barrow tries to take his.”

Fans hoped for some sort of evolution for the character of Mary, but it wasn’t to be. She is still the same selfish prig she was in the first season, despite finding “love” several times, and having a child. It will be interesting to see the American point of view when the show begins airing in January.

Are you hoping that the final season of Downton Abbey answers all of your questions?

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