England Man, Who Escaped From A Psychiatric Hospital, Allegedly Raped Good Samaritan On Deserted Station Platform As Trains Sped By

An England man, who escaped from a psychiatric hospital, was found guilty of “two counts of rape and one of assault by penetration” after allegedly raping a 30-year-old Good Samaritan, reported the Mirror. On September 14, 2015, Ryan Clifford, 28, of no fixed address, “escaped through the window of a psychiatric hospital in Kent,” and two days later found himself on a train being helped by a woman — whose name is being withheld for legal reasons — who said Clifford was stumbling and appeared to be ill.

The Good Samaritan added that if she “see somebody who is ill, I will automatically go to help them;” However, she wasn’t aware that her good deed would result in a brutal 30-minute attack. When she helped Clifford off of the train in Swanley and helped sit him down by platforms three and four, he leaned in for a kiss, but when she pulled away, he attacked her on the station platform, which was deserted.

The woman said that the attack caught her off guard because the two were engaging in a conversation moments before, where Clifford made a statement about her looking like a tomboy. The tracksuit-clad Good Samaritan concurred, throwing hints that she was not into men. However, the England man disregarded her indications and went in for a kiss.

When he didn’t receive the results he anticipated, Kent Online reported that Clifford “put his hands around her throat and threatened her” before ripping off her pants, laying a jacket on the ground so that he wouldn’t “scrape his knees,” and began “sexually assaulting her and finally raping her” as trains sped by.

When a reporter asked the woman why she didn’t run, she said that “He could easily have caught me. I had a heavy bag. I could have done a lot of things with hindsight. I didn’t feel I had a choice. It was that or over the train track.”

And although the woman said “no a lot of times,” he continued to sexually assault her, causing her to “feel completely ashamed and hateful about my body,” according to documents. The Good Samaritan later told police officials that the entire time she was being raped, she was hoping that someone would come and save her after watching the attack on the surveillance camera. Only no one did, as there were no cameras pointing in their direction.

It wasn’t until a train stopped by the platform that she was able to escape and call for help.

Not long after the brutal attack, Clifford was arrested and reportedly told police officials that he knows he “have been bad,” but later at Maidstone Crown Court he stated that he did not rape the woman. He said, “I am not guilty of rape. I met a woman on a train at Swanley. We got off at Swanley. We had consenting sex on the platform.”

The woman stated that they did not have consenting sex, and said “Even if I was attracted to males, I do have some standards. A platform is not somewhere I would go to have sexual activity with anybody.”

Clifford and the Good Samaritan recently appeared in court, where the alleged attacker did not “go into the witness box and no evidence was called on his behalf.” Prosecutor Andrew Copeland told jurors in court that “We are not going to hear from the defendant. You may think he doesn’t have a credible account that would have stood up to my cross-examination.”

“You will recall in her [the victim’s] evidence she said no from the start. How much clearer could she possibly have made herself?”

The judge adjourned Clifford’s sentencing until after May 16 as they wait for his psychiatric report.

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