'Married At First Sight' Season 3 Finale Spoilers: Sam Walks Out On Neil, Regrets Treating Him 'Horribly'

Married At First Sight season 3 couple Sam Role and Neil Bowlus may have had a rough start in the beginning of the social experiment but the couple has soon started to warm up to each other in the past episodes. Sam, however, admitted that she is worried that her past behavior will affect Neil's decision in the finale.

Speaking to The Knot, Sam talked about the dreaded "Decision Day" episode airing this Tuesday, February 23. The Married At First Sight season 3 star shared that she is "absolutely" happy with her decision, adding that it was not difficult for her at all.

"I wouldn't change my decision to this day. It was the right one to make!"
When asked if fans of Sam and Neil, also known as Team Sneil, will be surprised with their decision, the reality star refused to give any hints.

In the latest sneak peek video for Married At First Sight season 3 episode 13, all three couples looked tense, seemingly uncertain of what to do. Tres and Vanessa, however, looked much calmer compared to Sam and Neil, David and Ashley. At one point in the video, Sam stormed off, leaving Neil on the couch.


In the past episode, "Last Chance for Romance," Sam admitted that she is starting to fall for Neil. While her husband is away for a family trip, Sam shared that she is starting to miss him. Things, however, started to shift when Neil apparently did not feel the same way towards her.

"It takes me a long time to miss people," he explained.

After seeing how upset Sam was, Neil decided to make it up to her by bringing her flowers, a ring holder and a bunch of other stuff from his trip. He realized that although it was not his intention to hurt her, he had been insensitive.

Neil's efforts definitely paid off as Sam felt closer to her husband more than ever. The Married At First Sight season 3 star shared that she wanted their marriage to work so bad, adding that she even had the urge to get their marriage certificate and change her last name. She, however, was starting to worry that Neil was not feeling the same way.

"What frightens me most is that he will ask for a divorce and I'll deserve it."
Judging by the new Married At First Sight season 3 promo, it seems like Sam was not at all happy with Neil's decision. In spite of it all, the reality star has been very vocal in saying that the social experiment has been "one of the best things" that ever happened to her.
Speaking to The Knot, Sam said that being with Neil made her want to be a better person. She admired how patient and understanding he truly was, not just with her but with everyone around him.

Sam also appreciated the fact that Neil gave his 100 percent in the social experiment. The Married At First Sight star admitted that she treated him "horribly" in the first few weeks.

In an interview with The Real Mr. Housewife, Sam admitted that she felt frustrated seeing how she treated Neil. As she watched the early episodes of Married At First Sight season 3, Sam could not help but feel ashamed of her actions.
"I was SO hard on Neil at first. It's quite frustrating watching myself treat this amazing man so horribly. I understand everything happens for a reason, but there are times I want to punch that Sam right through the screen!"
Will MAFS couple Sam and Neil stay together until the end? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Married At First Sight season 3, episode 13 "Decision Day" airs Tuesday, February 23 on FYI.

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