‘Married At First Sight’ Season 3 Spoilers: Neil And Sam To Stay Married Until The End?

In the coming episode of Married At First Sight Season 3, titled “Intimacy, Part 2,” Neil and Samantha are out to prove to everyone that they are willing to go to great lengths just to make their marriage work.

According to the Married At First Sight Season 3 official synopsis for Episode 12, Neil and Sam are finally moving into a new home together. After their disastrous living arrangement with Sam’s roommate and what seemed to be an endless search for their first house, it seems like the newlywed has finally found what they were looking for.

While Neil and Sam may not be the fan favorite in Married At First Sight Season 3, multiple reports speculate that they will eventually be the couple who ends up being together until the end. In the last episode, titled “Celebrations,” Neil and Sam got the chance to get to know each other a bit better during the cookout. They also got to meet each other’s friends.

Neil also finally showed some interest in Sam’s hobbies, and even went to the sky gym with her. After seeing her show off some of her aerial skills, Neil definitely became more attracted to his wife even more. The episode ended with the Married At First Sight couple discussing about buying a house together.


In a sneak peek video for this week’s episode of Married At First Sight Season 3, the couple was seen goofing around, seemingly happy with each other’s company.

“I’m starting to like him a bit. He’s kinda not nerdy, I don’t know. I really do care about this marriage and making him happy,” Sam said.

Neil also appreciated the changes he saw in Sam. He shared that Sam is really starting to appreciate what they have.

“To be where we are now from where we came is a fascinating story,” he said.


Speaking to Real Mr. Housewife, Sam admitted that she could have treated her husband better in the early stages of their relationship. While watching herself on Married At First Sight Season 3, she shared that there were times when she does not even recognize the girl married to Neil.

“It’s quite frustrating watching myself treat this amazing man so horribly. I understand everything happens for a reason, but there are times I want to punch that Sam right through the screen!”

Sam further added that Neil did not deserve any of that. She said that she was just probably taking all of her frustrations out at him, inadvertently emasculating him in the process.

Sam described the whole Married At First Sight Season 3 process nothing but stressful. She shared that people always assumed that they knew what they signed up for when they agreed to do the social experiment. Having no experience in front of the camera, Sam said that she always ended up getting anxious and nervous and taking it out on Neil.

The Married At First Sight Season 3 contestant held that she wished she would have sooner realized how much of a great guy Neil is.

“He is a great man and husband and watching myself makes me upset that I didn’t see it sooner,” she shared.

In an interview with The Knot, Neil admitted that it hurt his feelings when he found out that Sam was not attracted to him physically. He said that he was surprised with the way she reacted, but added that that was the beauty of the social experiment.

“It wasn’t the ideal situation but that’s the beauty of getting to know someone, you can be far more attracted to one’s soul than just their looks.”

Married At First Sight Season 3, Episode 12, “Intimacy, Part 2” airs Tuesday, February 9 on FYI.

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