Sharna Burgess Talks 'Dancing With The Stars' Changes & Future

Sharna Burgess is opening up about the recent changes to Dancing With The Stars and what is in store for the future of the franchise.

According to a Friday, December 21 report by Entertainment Tonight, Sharna Burgess dished on the news that the show would not return for a spring season of the show, as has become a tradition for the series.

"When the news came out I was incredibly surprised. I knew it was a bit of a conversation, there was a buzz about it," the professional dancer admitted about the show not returning this spring.

However, Sharna goes on to say that the network now has American Idol back, which can cut into DWTS' time. Last year, the show tried to do a quick month-long season that featured nothing but athletes, but it was not well received by the viewers.

"Of course, we have [American] Idol now on ABC, and we did try a four-week season last year and it was not a fan favorite. Although it was great, it was just too, too short for us."
The news of the spring season getting axed came just weeks after country music radio host, Bobby Bones, won the most recent season of the show and created controversy among many fans following the elimination of the season's highest scorer, Juan Pablo Di Pace, in the semi-finals, and Bones beating out the other three finalists.However, Sharna Burgess says that there is no way that Dancing With The Stars is going anywhere because it is so beloved by the viewers.

"This show is such a fan favorite. I mean, come on, it's not going anywhere! We're gonna do 30, 35, maybe 45 seasons! I'll have babies and be married, retired by that point, but this is DWTS... it isn't going anywhere," the dancer stated.

However, Sharna says she is not sure if the network is planning anything that may be a surprise in the summer, such as another season of DWTS Juniors, which aired its first season this fall. However, the reigning champ says she has no idea what's going on, saying it's just a "guess" that she's making at this time.

Sharna Burgess also revealed that there will definitely be a Season 28 of the show and that the network will confirm the date in the near future, adding that she's "excited" to have a little hiatus so that the fans can "miss" Dancing With The Stars. for a brief time before it returns to air.