Alien Worm Colony found in North Carolina Sewer (VIDEO)

A construction crew contracted to do a survey of the condition of water and sewer infrastructure in Raleigh, North Carolina, filmed a mysterious slimy pulsating mass on the inside of old pipes with a sewer cam.

The video footage of the phenomenon was uploaded to Youtube (see the video embed below) on June 30 and has since gotten nearly 5 million views at the time of writing, with some people speculating that the globs could be an alien life form growing in the sewer systems.

Ed Buchan, the environmental coordinator at the Raleigh Public Utilities Department squelched the rumors that the video was of a new life form, saying that it was actually a colony of worms that live in sac-like blobs attached to tree roots that grow in and around the older pipes. The sacs of worms are extremely light sensitive and move in response to the brightness and heat from the camera lights.

Even though the worms are not alien in the sense that they are actually from this planet, they are still a disturbing sight for anyone who has never seen something like this before, except maybe in a horror movie.

Video of Alien Worms inside a Sewer Pipe